Paradox Season 1 Holy Grail Tournament - Patch 0.1.2

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Paradox Season 1 Holy Grail Tournament - Patch 0.1.2

Post by Lady Isabelle » Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:27 am

Welcome to Paradox’s first seasonal Holy Grail Tournament!

What is a Holy Grail? It’s a type of run that has been recently been done by various people in vanilla Diablo 2 LOD. The objective is to find every set and unique item in the game, some go as far as making every runeword as well. With Paradox’s core is to make hundreds of new and interesting items, I figured it would be interesting for this mod to get such a playstyle as well!

Here are the rules:

The Tournament begins on 03/19/2020 at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time and ends 4/19/2020 at 12:00 AM

The winner is the first person to find all the listed items, or have the most points by the time the tournament ends, whichever happens first. All the items to be found can be found in the documentation folder of Paradox.

Any class can be played, thought ideally you may wish to play Necromancer

You must play on singleplayer. Tcp/ip and unofficial servers are not allowed.

Only one character can be played.

The use of ANY cheats is not allowed.

The use and abuse of exploitable bugs to gain an advantage, at least known within 1.10 itself, is not allowed. Currently the mod has no known ones, but ruling will change if such a bug is found.

Manipulating the local game files is not allowed.

PlugY is not allowed, nor is it compatible with the mod unfortunately.

You must be on the latest version, which is 0.1.2 currently. Hotfixes may be deployed during the tournament, of which you must immediately update before playing. The hotfixes will purely be for bugfixes during the tournament.

Quest related items do not count for the Holy Grail.

When you find an item that is part of the checklist, you must take a screenshot of it identified, then mark in your forum post what items you have collected so far and your total points. You may choose to do as you wish with the item after.

Each item’s points are worth equal to their level requirement, before any modifications, at minimum 1 if there is no listed level requirement. The Endless Tower for example would award 24 points.

Runewords grant points equal to their total collective level of the runes combined. The Redirection runeword for example would grant 61(Sur)+57(Ohm)+51(Ist) points 169 points total. Runewords are still really rare in the mod, so it’s fitting to make them reward much more.

Please do not spam the forum with multiple posts for several different items in the early stages, unless the tournament gets into the late stages and finding new items is difficult.

You cannot repeatedly gain points for finding the same item repeatedly. You only get points once per item.

Items that state they require to be placed in the cube with another item immediately grant points, you do not need to fully activate an item. In addition, they only count for one item, not two.

The Face of Ko #1 2 and 3 counts as finding all 3 of them, granting a lot of points.

The 1st place winner will be able to make an entirely new necromancer set that is high level, complete with its own exclusive skill.

The 2nd place winner will be able to create two unique items.

The 3rd place winner will be able to create one unique item.

Good luck and have fun!

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