Two Handed melee weapons in general and in the upcoming 1.54 version

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Two Handed melee weapons in general and in the upcoming 1.54 version

Post by erevos » Wed Mar 11, 2020 3:31 pm

Two Handed melee weapons dmg balance, Its probably one of the most common problems in vanilla and for the mods, EftA suffers from it too, the damage output of 2handed melee weapons dmg and effectiveness of them, in comparison to weapon+shield. Observing the dmg curve of 2handed melee weapons, I realise that the problem is the concept behind them. 2handed must act different from other weapons, they cant have a minimum-maximum damage, you cant afford, without a shield, to hit and roll the dmg towards the minimum values. Now, we dont wanna just increase the minimum dmg and make the game unbalance, right?

So what i've thought and implement is this, we have the Broad Axe that has 10-18 (min/max dmg) and we applying this simple calculation: 18-10=8, 8/2=4, 4+10=14 so yeah, we are splitting th4 difference between the min/max damage. We are setting 14 to both min/max dmd. In game though it will show up as 14-15. Thats the general rule.

Now, what are we accomplishing with this, if we have a successful hit, it will be a powerful one as a 2handed must hit. You may ask "yeah ok, but lowering the max dmg isnt going to hurt the overall dmg?" No, it wont, is keeping the 2handed balanced and gives them a separate function from the 1handed one. A unique identity.

Lets look this system with higher values, elite Feral axe, does 25-123 dmg

Look at this 1handed axes now:

Cleaver 10 33
Twin Axe 13 38
Crowbill 14 34
Naga axe 16 45
Tomahawk 33 58
Small Crescent 38 60
Ettin Axe 33 66
War Spike 30 48
Berserker Axe 24 71

All this 1handed axes can double the min dmg of Feral Axe, plus the shield bonuses makes the 2handed axe worthless. Now, if we had a Feral axe with the average 74-75 dmg values, not even the best 1hand axe could reach it. And, by adjusting the max dmg accordingly, we even out the this advance of the huge increase in min values. This applies to all 2handed melee of course.

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