[Release] D2TxtImporter - Automatic Documentation Generation

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[Release] D2TxtImporter - Automatic Documentation Generation

Post by Elmegaard » Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:24 pm

I have for a while now worked on a project for automatically documenting Diablo 2 mods. I have never made a mod myself, but I have played plenty and the lack of documentation for many of them have infuriated me many times. After a little talk with the creator of the mod Diablo II Enriched (Ascended1962), I started working on this project.

  • The import part of it is very very strict regarding your .txt files. You may have to update them a bit to follow these standards, it should not have any impact on your mod what so ever. A message will be displayed if there are any issues.
  • An example of the output can be downloaded on github. This output is 100% auto generated from 1.13c.
  • A guide can be found on the github page.
  • The output website can be opened directly from the .html file, so feel free to ship it along with your mod or publish it to a web server.
  • Credit where credit is due and if you feel like buying me a cup of coffee (when I get it working of course) I have added a donate button to the github page, since I spend more time on this than I care to admit.
  • I have not implemented all output for Item Properties, as I have only had the vanilla .txt files for 1.13c to work with, so I need help testing and implementing the rest. If you manage to get an output search the output for "todo" and if there is a hit, it means that functionality is not implemented. Please open a github issue and provide adequate .txt and .tbl files for me to reproduce the problem as well as an example of how it is supposed to look and I will fix it.
  • Internet Explorer is a no go and I hate it with my entire body so the output works in Chrome and maybe other browsers.
  • You will probably find bugs along the way, please create issues for them on github with adequate information.
  • Cube recipes are not done. You should use the optional checkbox to use the Description instead and then write a proper description.
Release notes:
- Added way better exception handling.
- Added randclassskill<d> support, for example randclassskill5.
- Fixed an issue with damage not being displayed on a new line on the website.
- Fixed getting columns in .txt files by column name instead of index.
- Initial release

Source: https://github.com/Elmegaard/D2TxtImporter
Download: https://github.com/Elmegaard/D2TxtImporter/releases

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