[1.13c]How to get a merc with the right skills?

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[1.13c]How to get a merc with the right skills?

Post by qwertyue » Fri Sep 24, 2021 3:05 pm

I get the merc I'm using by calling the following function:

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FUNCPTR(D2CLIENT, GetMercUnit, UnitAny*, __fastcall, (void), 0x97CD0)
But I found that its skill list was wrong.
for example, i get a nightmare difficulty, offensive type, A2 pet, it should be have two skills: jab and Might aura.
but i check the pskill (unitany+0xA8) in hell difficulty, this skill list of this pet is jab and Blessed_Aim aura.
If i check the pskill in nightmare difficulty, everything is normal again.

I can't understand this situation. Can anyone help me? Thanks. 8-O 8-O 8-O

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