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BETA Version History

Post by Char » Fri Mar 19, 2004 2:47 pm

Current version: 1.03

Version History

1.03 (22.03.2004)
really major bugs:
- FIXED RANDOM IMMUNITIES (because of a really little accident, they were completely disabled)

major bugs:
- re-increased bow and crossbow damages (they had been accidently decreased)
- fixed a bug that caused wrong automagics to spawn on caster weapons and made them completely worthless that way

minor bugs:
- fixed an error of the lowlevel jewelry set, the set name wasn't displayed
- fixed the attack rating on the chipped amethyst
- "Caster Weapon Level" instead of "Caster Weapon Power" (was intended to be like that...)
- fixed a bug that caused lifesteal to spawn on elemental staves
- corrected highlevel runedrops (they were not as they were intended)
- repaired charm drops (in act1 and act2 normal, no great charms could drop)
- fixed a bug that made Lam Esen's Tome be displayed as "Wyvern Greaves"

balance changes:
- changed the damage of molten boulder
- fixed some imbalances of runewords which i found when making lists of them
- reduced the power of the lowlevel class-specific sets
- rebalanced the itemlevels required to spawn + to all skills / + to skilltab affixes
- reduced the damage absorb of bone armor (slightly) and cyclone armor
- reduced the damage of megademons (balrog, pit lord, venom lord)
- slightly reduced the effects of the necromancer curses "amplify damage" and "weaken" (a scythemancer would have become a killing machine)
- reduced the chance of random physical immunity (only if two random immunities spawn). it is half as likely as the other ones now.
- reduced the amount of gold you get from vendors when selling items to them by 50% (you got too much gold)
- reduced repair costs of items by 50%

- added several low / midlevel runewords
- added two low / midlevel sets

1.02 (19.03.2004)
- implemented the newest version of Yohann's infinity stash plugin
- reduced enemy attack ratings in early levels especially. those guys were hitting too much. (slightly) reduced enemy damages as well.
- repaired the skill "raven", it did not work correctly.
- fixed several things on the skills "summon spirit wolf", "summon dire wolf" and "summon grizzly"
- fixed display of the skills "summon spirit wolf", "summon dire wolf" and "summon grizzly"

1.01 (18.03.2004)
once again a minor error stroke: I made a mistake when uploading.... sorry.

- corrected an error that caused caster weapons to be less powerful than they should
- you might need to restart your characters, sorry for that

1.0 (18. 03. 2004)
first public beta release
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