[Release] patch v

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[Release] patch v

Post by kingpin » Sat Mar 19, 2022 10:52 pm

Download: patch
patch size: 328MB

Patch is required to run this.

The new alchemist in rogue encampment is work in progress. You will see in future update more about it.

The new dungeon Kaer Varenna is work in progress. Main focus in this patch is test that the dungeon works,
the new ais, and how balance feel. Balance is target for level 24-28 characters.

Create a new Necromancer currently have book of story bugged. It will always give you Skeleton Archer instead of a random level 1 skill.

- Given Necromancer skeletons some love (no spoiler).
- Skeleton Warrior max rank changed from 5 to 10.
- Skeleton Archer max rank changed from 5 to 10.
- Dark Mage (In Kaer Varenna) summon skill: Raise Skeleton summons raise from level 2 to level 20. Summons is no longer permanent summon.

[Bug fixes]
- Adding some of the bug fixes from patch that we forgot to implement (e.g The Butcher in Tristram)
- BeltUI is now correctly drawn for all belt sizes.
- The Disciple quest no longer requires a white crystal to proceed after retriving Undead Spirit quest item.
- Added missing bodyparts for Fallen Shaman (ID 58), Skeleton (ID 1181), Dark Mage (ID 1194), Aurora Boss, Genesis Boss.
- Flavie Warning message is now working again.
- Sendriud Brahm weapon enchanting is now correctly apply enchanted tag, item is no longer vanished if another weapon is equipped already.
- Taran Longhorn now correctly display Reset Imortal Quest instead of Reset Relic Quest.
- Fixed a bug with buy skills that made it possible to infinite buy all skills.
- Hayoo's Lost Flask subquest is now dropping quest item from monsters in badlands as intended.

- Replaced the Storm Rider's animations with those from Ogodei's Diablo I monster pack.
- Replaced the Blinkbats animations with those from Ogodei's Diablo I monster pack.
- Replaced all of the Diablo 1 item images with those from Ogodei's Diablo I Item pack.
- Completely revamped the Blood Wood area (by Ogodei)

- Recoded Levels_RemoveUnit into c++.

- AddSkillTabText asm hook removed.
- PlaceHoverText asm hook removed.
- SkillTree_Click_Handler asm hook removed.
- Skilltree recoded into c++.

- Replaced server packet recive table.
- ServerPacketRecive_None recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_BAD_PARAM recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_OK recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_Walk recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_ChangePlayerModeWalk recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_Run recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_ChangePlayerModeRun recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_ShiftUseLeftSkill recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_6 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_7 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_8 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_9 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_10 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_11 recoded into c++. (Coded by Szumigajowy)
- ServerPacketRecive_12 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_13 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_14 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_15 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_16 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_17 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_18 recoded into c++. (Coded by Szumigajowy)
- ServerPacketRecive_19 recoded into c++.
- ServerPacketRecive_20 recoded into c++. (Coded by Kingpin, Necrolis)


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