Welcome to Zy-El's Domain

Information and updates for the Zy-El mod. If you have any questions or suggestions for the mods, please post them here. Click here to visit the official web site.

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Welcome to Zy-El's Domain

Post by Kato » Thu Feb 13, 2003 8:43 pm

Welcome! Welcome one and all! :lol:

:) I am very honoured to be hosting this forum. I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to the "Keepers" who have made this forum possible. Also, I'd like to thank all players of the Zy-El mod for their continued support and ideas. I never imagined this mod would ever get this far! :roll:

*** Just some basic ground rules:

:arrow: This forum is strictly for the discussion of the Zy-El mod and such related topics. Zy-El Realm topics are not permitted - please refrain from any discussions regarding this topic. This forum is for the sharing and presentation of ideas regarding the Zy-El mod. Constructive criticism is appreciated; putdowns will not be tolerated. :twisted:

:arrow: If you have a specific issue, please state it clearly in the Topic line. I don't want to see topics like "This sucks!" or "I can't get no satisfaction" or "Heeeeelp!!". A little more detail would make things clearer. ;)

:arrow: Don't expect immediate responses to your posts. People have lives outside of Diablo. Please be patient and let your post sit for several hours for people to read, mull over and maybe respond. ;) I, myself, may not answer every question if another player has already stepped up and answered the question for me.

:arrow: If you have specific issues with the mod that do not warrant public discussion, then feel free to PM me. :roll: I'll try to answer as my time allows.

:idea: Players in the past have been civil and supportive of me and of each other. We all have one goal in mind - to enjoy the game to its fullest. Let's keep it that way! :OOO:


Want to know more about the mod? Check out the official website in my sig below. :P
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