Hello from the other side...

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Hello from the other side...

Post by Clersius » Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:17 pm

Hello fellow Zy-Ellers and anyone lurking in the shadows! I see that this forum has gone the way of the Dodo, but I will not let that deter me - at least not at first. :)

I had a craving to re-visit this wonderful mod, so I started reading the old forum posts, especially the old tournament threads. I noticed that the wiki had been closed due to the site "suddenly" requiring payment. I happen to still be a member there, so I clicked a few buttons indicating that I wanted 30 free days before deciding to cough up any dough, then used a few of those days to finish the job of transferring the pages over to the new wiki.

My desire for all things Zy-El has still not been satisfied via these experiences (vicarious and otherwise), so I think I will try actually playing again. The manner in which I will plan to do this is by playing in past tournaments and/or tournament ideas - unofficially, of course - and post my experiences doing so. I expect that the possibility that anyone will ever again have the slightest interest in a "Zy-El Experience" is incredibly low, but one never knows for sure! :lol: After all, I never thought that I would ever be interested in Zy-El again... The craving just sort of creeps up on you when you least expect it, I guess.

I will be using the 4.4C patch, as that is the latest patch even remotely resembling Zy-El. No offense to the creator(s) of 4.5, but there is almost nothing that that "version" has in common with Kato's vision of this mod. I take it as something highly akin to an insult that it claims any association with Zy-El at all, in fact. All offense intended, that time. :mrgreen:

Anyway, that's the plan! I'll create separate threads for any further efforts, of course.

Happy Zy-Elling!


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