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Help !

Post by tata13 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:41 pm

Hello i start play zyel is nice mod and i loved it... i read and here on forum topics,reply about everting
I see there in other topic say about make item with +127 all skill , crafted belt, can any tell me what recipe is? i look in doc and there dont find any information about all skill +127. or i am newb and dont understand what write there..

and 2. who to upgrade Circle ( helm) to diadem? is hard to find Diadem rare to can make rare and after crafted.


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Re: Help !

Post by tata13 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:40 am

And other problem what i have and dont work is with Thumbnails item poster, after one fragment from demon box or find from uber location, i use recipe from doc <Item Thumbnail> + <Stamina Potion> ----> <Item> but dont work, i i add <Item Thumbnail> + <key > ----> get dont mess with lady fool.

any can help..

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Re: Help !

Post by gogodanny » Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:17 am

Hi Friend,

there's a lot of information in many of the "Sticky"-ed posts on this site, please read through it (or many of the pages) as It's too much info for me to recite.

However there's a bunch of things to note:

- THere are "scrolls" that add "+1" or even "+7" to allskills to any item. If you have an item and you add this scroll, the item will get +x all skills. Simple as that. But 127 is the maximum amount you can reach.

- Demon Boxes are tough - There is the "zy-El" Wiki (Google it for example) that tells you which box contains which item. Some demonx boxes are Cr*p but this is intended. Also make sure to read the recipies there so you know what you need to do to open it without incurring any penalties.

- Poster Fragments need to be collected/rerolled until you have all parts of a poster. then put into cube so you get the poster. Some posters are starter and provide only minor boosts, while gigantic posters can give you incredible bonuses.

Have fun :)
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Re: Help !

Post by Dapaba » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:21 pm

Hi Tata and welcome to Zy-El. Here's a couple things that might help.

The recipe for the all skills belt is skulls:

[Crafted Item] + [Stnd Gem] + [mag Ring] + [mag Amulet] + [Key] --> new [Crafted Item] + added ability
[Crafted Item] + [Flwls Gem] + [rar Ring] + [rar Amulet] + [Key] --> new [Crafted Item] + added ability
[Crafted Item] + [Perf Gem] + [crf Ring] + [crf Amulet] + [Key] --> new [Crafted Item] + added ability
[Crafted Item] + [Perf Gem] + [uni Ring] + [uni Amulet] + [Key] --> new [Crafted Item] + added ability

There are 3 steps to upgrade circlet to diadem so you'll need 81(?) circlets to get there. Here are the recipes.

<Regular Item> x 3 + <rar Ring> + <rar Amulet> + <rar Jewel> + <Perf Gem> -> <nor Exceptional Item>
<Exceptional Item> x 3 + <crf Ring> + <crf Amulet> + <crf Jewel> + <Perf Skull> + <Elixir> -> <nor Elite Item>

I usually just gamble for them as it's mostly way less resources that way and there's a chance to get exceptional instead of normal.

Good luck and have fun!
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