Reporting crashes in Zy-El.

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Reporting crashes in Zy-El.

Post by d2vern » Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:03 am

When reporting crashes, please report the following:

1. Where you were during the crash
2. Comp stats (CPU, RAM, Graphics card)
3. Important! game log up to and including the debug error log, i.e.:

02:04:55.531 -------- FILE: D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp LINE: 1303 --------
Assertion Failure
Location : D2Client\ENGINE\Gfx.cpp, line #1303
Expression : eComponent < NUM_COMPONENTS

Also, from the Known bugs section of the Main Site page:

1 > What was your character doing at the time of the crash?
2 > What class and level is your character?
3 > What monsters were involved or in the area?
4 > What map was your character on?
5 > What game difficulty were you playing on?
6 > Were you playing single-player or TCP/IP?
7 > What is the general configuration of your computer? OS? RAM? Video card?

We will NOT help you unless you have this info!!!!
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Re: Reporting crashes in Zy-El.

Post by Myhrginoc » Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:25 am

Another important form is the Unhandled Exception. While there are literally thousands of reasons this can happen, the popup message won't tell you much. You have to go to the debug file for these. Occasionally you might see something other than c0000005 but they all behave much the same.

18:06:15.765 ***** UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005)
18:06:15.765 Fault address: 6FF59344 01:00008344 D:\Diablo_II\Zy-El\Fog.dll
18:06:15.765 eax:00000001 ebx:c033ffff ecx:c033ffff edx:0000003c esi:0000003c
18:06:15.765 edi:0000056a ebp:04407900 esp:0012e6a8 eip:6ff59344 flg:00010202
18:06:15.765 cs:001b ds:0023 es:0023 ss:0023 fs:003b gs:0000
18:06:15.765 Stack bytes:

Include this header section and about thirty lines or so of stack byte information. The most important pieces are the fault address and module name on the second line, that tells us what part of the code you were in when it happened.
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