v1.2 Character Animation Expansion

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v1.2 Character Animation Expansion

Post by Cypress » Mon Dec 13, 2021 3:57 pm

DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/folder/IPBFSKSC#Ln4RKqoOGPUgggcfvM8qaw

Many animations are incomplete or unavailable in vanilla, which can cause unexpected errors in mods. The goal of this project is to fully utilize the character animmodes, so that regardless of the character or equipment there will not be flashing animations or crashing or character-locking.

v1: Added blocking animations to two-handed weapons (uses the GH anim). If you want to allow your two-handed weapon to block, simply give it type2=shie (or link it deeper into the chain). And very importantly, the damage of two-handed blocking weapons is erased, but will come back as long as the weapon has a base amount of at least +1% Enhanced Damage.
v1.1: Added animations for barbarian dual-wield blocking. Assassin didn't need any changes, her hardcoded behavior with item_weaponblock means that she already has the animations for dual-wielded blocking.
v1.2: Added Paladin S1 animations for two-handed weapons. This should make it so paladins can safely use S1 oskills from other characters.

Future Plans (many of these will likely not be possible):
Add blocking animations to one-handed weapons.
Add animations for all weapons used with the Barbarian's S2, S3 and S4 animmodes.
Try to add full S# animmodes for all characters, although my attempts have all ended in failure thus far (they always end up broken just like the Sorceress and Necromancer's S1, where casting only finishes when the animation comes to a complete stop).
Fix the Sorceress and Necromancer's S1.
Fix up the Assassin's S3 crouching animation so that it does not look so janky.
Add animations for the Assassin's S4 with non-claws.
Try to find a way to make it so GH and BL can be used as skill animmodes.
Make dcc files for white shields, which will be given to non-paladins so that they too can have a visible shield while under the effect of Holy Shield.
Set up the Paladin fire sword.
Make it so Amazon's S1 (dodge/avoid animation) can produce cltside effects.
Quivered shields for two-handed weapons.
The Paladin has unused two-handed blocking animations, so maybe those could be used instead of GH converted to BL.

Any other ideas for animation fixes would be appreciated!

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