[Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

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[Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by dreameaterx » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:21 pm

Hello. I´d like to present a new mod I am working on now, Reckoning. I began working on it recently so there isn´t much done yet, but we know the routine, there isn´t ever much done yet.

The main features of this mod will be:
- a bunch of endgame dungeons divided into tiers to offer new challenges, collect items from one tier to be able to fight enemies in higher tier
- modified almost vanilla skillset which is supposed to provide more freedom with builds, synergies with stats
- new items which will let you fight enemies in higher dungeon tiers, new crafting recipes, new runewords and the like
- new enemies and bosses
- new alchemy recipes offering wide range of potions (later on)
- top tier dungeons will likely get completely new map layouts too
- attempting to maintain pvp playability

Not the biggest project for these days, but it´s not always the biggest star that shines the brightest.
Currently I am looking for people to test the adjusted skills and share their opinion. Here are some examples:


If you are interested in giving it a shot, join for discussion and news in my Discord server, where the mod is now available for download: >>https://discord.gg/BTfUm7v<<
Thanks for reading, have a nice day. Enjoy this armed-to-teeth guinea pig as a reward.

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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by dreameaterx » Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:50 pm

All skill changes:

Fire Arrow 1% fire damage per each energy
Critical Strike 1% chance per 20 strength
Jab 1% damage per 4 strength
Cold Arrow 1% cold damage per each energy
Dodge 1% chance per 25 dexterity
Power Strike 1% lightning damage per 3 energy
Poison Javelin 1% poison damage per 9 energy
Exploding Arrow 1% fire damage per 10 energy
Avoid 1% chance per 25 dexterity
Impale 1% damage per 2 strength
Ice Arrow 2% freeze duration per energy
Guided Arrow 1% damage per 5 energy
Penetrate 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Charged Strike 1 more bolt per 30 energy
Strafe 1 arrow shot per 100 dexterity
Immolation Arrow 0.1 radius per 10 energy
Dopplezon attacker receives damage of energy points /3 Level 1 Prayer Aura
Evade 1% chance per 25 dexterity
Fend 1% attack rating per 5 dexterity
Lightning Strike 1 hit per 30 invested points

Fire Bolt 1% fire damage per energy Increased synergies
Charged Bolt 1% lightning damage per 2 energy Added synergies with Thunder Storm and Chain Lightning
Ice Bolt 1% cold damage per energy
Frozen Armor 1 second freeze duration per 50 energy
Inferno Increased base damage Added synergy with Blaze, Fire Wall and increased synergy value
Frost Nova Increased base range Increased synergy values
Ice Blast 1% cold damage per 3 energy
Nova Wider range Added synergy with Thunder Storm and Static Field
Lightning 1% lightning damage per 7 energy
Shiver Armor 1% defense per 5 dexterity
Enchant 1 life healed on hit per 100 vitality (required vitality decreased by 4 for skill levels invested)
Chain Lightning 1 additional hit per 30 energy
Glacial Spike 1 radius per 70 energy
Meteor 1% fire damage per second per 7 energy
Thunder Storm 1 second duration per 12,5 energy
Chilling Armor 1% cold damage per 5 energy
Fire Mastery 3% fire skill damage and -3% enemy fire resist per level
Lightning Mastery 4% lightning skill damage and -3% enemy lightning resist per skill level
Cold Mastery 3% cold skill damage and -2% enemy cold resist per skill level (on first point -7%)

Teeth 1% magic damage per 3 energy
Bone Armor 1 absorb per 5 energy
Skeleton Mastery 1% life per 5 vitality
Raise Skeleton 1% damage per 3 strength
Dim Vision Decreased duration
Plague Stab 1% poison damage per 3 energy Allowed on all melee weapons, synergy is with corpse explosion instead of poison explosion
Weaken Decreased duration per level and damage reduction value, but on max level reduction value is 40%
Corpse Explosion Decreased damage percentage, but on max level it is 80-130% Moved location to Poison Explosion´s
Iron Maiden Decreased duration per level
Bone Wall 1% life per 5 energy
Golem Mastery 1% damage per strength, 1% life per 2 vitality, 5 attack rating per dexterity, 1% velocity per 15 energy
Raise Skeletal Mage 1% missile damage per 5 energy
Confuse Decreased duration
Life Tap Decreased duration and drain value, but level 20 drain is 55%
Bone Spear 1% magic damage per 5 energy Moved location to Corpse Explosion´s
Attract Decreased duration
Decrepify Removed automatic physical resistance reduction Added synergy for physical damage reduction from amplify damage = half the value
Poison Nova 1% poison damage per 7 energy
Bone Spirit Moved location to Bone Spear´s
Fire Golem 1% fire damage per 5 energy
Revive 1 second duration per 5 energy
Blue Inferno Substitutes Poison Explosion Unleashes a wave of blue flame, dealing magic damage in area
Doom Bringer Substitutes Bone Prison, located on it´s spot Passive - adds curse resistance, increases curses duration, gives all resists to Bone Wall, adds magic skill damage when Bone Armor is active, adds magic resistance reduction on Lower Resist

Sacrifice 1% damage per strength, 1% less damage to self per 100 vitality
Might 1% damage per 2 strength All team-shared auras offer 10% of Paladin´s strength as enhanced damage, 5% of vitality as life percentage bonus and reduce all skill cooldowns by 20%
Prayer Raw healing value exchanged for percentage Most auras range was decreased
Holy Bolt 1% damage per energy and 1 more life point healed per 2 energy
Holy Fire 1% fire damage per 3 energy
Thorns 1% damage reflected per energy
Defiance 1% damage reduction per 50 vitality
Charge 1% damage per 3 strength
Blessed Aim 1% attack rating per 5 dexterity
Cleansing 2/3 of Prayer´s healing Added curse resistance, claim there was any was a lie in vanilla (at least I did not find any to be there)
Vengeance 1% damage per 5 energy
Blessed Hammer 1% magic damage per 10 energy
Concentration 1% chance uninterruptable per 20 vitality
Holy Freeze 1% cold damage per 6 energy
Vigor 1% faster velocity per 15 strength
Holy Shock 1% lightning damage per 6 energy
Sanctuary 1% damage vs. undead per energy
Meditation 2/3 of Prayer´s healing
Fist of the Heavens 1% holy bolt damage per 2 energy
Fanaticism 1% attack speed per 15 energy Removed false header that user has double damage effect compared to party

Bash 1% damage per 3 strength
Sword Mastery 1% damage per 6 strength
Axe Mastery 1% damage per 6 strength
Mace Mastery 1% damage per 6 strength
Pole Arm Mastery 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Throwing Mastery 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Spear Mastery 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Shout 1 damage reduction per 10 energy
Leap Attack 1% damage per 6 strength Lost synergy from Leap, moved to it´s location
Concentrate 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Iron Skin 1% defense per 4 dexterity
Frenzy 1% attack speed per 10 energy
Battle Orders 1 replenish life per 5 energy
Berserk 1% magic damage bonus per 5 energy
War Cry 1% damage per 2 energy
Battle Command 1 skill point per 100 energy
Possession On Leap Attack´s location, substitutes Leap When used it recharges 60% of mana, but equal value is lost after timeout, increases damage, adds faster hit recovery and chance for uninterrupted attack, but slowly drains your health and prevents you from life stealing

Raven 1% damage per strength
Poison Creeper 1% life per 3 energy
Werewolf 1% damage per 3 strength
Lycantrophy 1% life per 10 vitality
Firestorm 1% fire damage per 2 energy
Oak Sage 1% life per 4 energy (spirit base life)
Werebear 1% attack rating per 4 dexterity
Carrion Vine 1% life per 4 energy (vine life)
Solar Creeper 1% life per 5 energy
Spirit Wolf - 1% critical chance per 10 dexterity
Dire Wolf - 1% life steal per 10 energy
Grizzly - 1% slow per 5 dexterity

Claw Mastery 1% critical chance per 20 strength
Tiger Strike 1% damage per 10 strength (* amount of charges)
Weapon Block 1% chance of block per 20 dexterity
Shadow Warrior 1% damage per 5 strength, 1 damage reduction per 15 vitality
Shadow Master 1% damage per 5 strength, 1 damage reduction per 15 vitality
Blade Fury Moved location to Blade Sentinel´s
Blade Shield Moved location to Blade Fury´s
Night Wraith Located on Venom´s location, substitutes Cloak of Shadows Transform into shadow for a very brief duration, allowing you to traverse greater distance or evade a deadly attack, adds movement speed, faster hit recovery and all damage reduction, but during duration you cannot attack or cast and it cancels Fade and Burst of Speed

Other features are:
- xp +500%
- all items qualities drop x2
- new crafted items recipes which greatly ease making of crafted items, in case you add standard of heroes to the recipe, completely new stars will appear on the items
- runes can be crafted up to zod
- treasure nests - crow nests which spawn bandit fallens, destroy the nest before they steal all gems/runes
- remade vanilla skills, a few swapped, synergy from stats
- spawn with cube
- increased inventory 8x10 , stash 10x10, cube 8x10
- gloves, boots, belts, rings, amulets can be socketed
- new uniques, new set items, new runewords, including a few for gloves and boots

Topped off with remade monsters in dungeons which have extreme chance for drop of sets, uniques and runewords, making it a lot easier to get solid items, but are also a lot harder
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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by MarvinC » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:27 pm

I want to tell you I like your system with the skills.
The Energy-synergies for the Barbarian look awesome!

In my opinion, Dex-oriented Attack Rating- boni for all characters could become stronger.

(especially Slow attack rate) Single Target Skills can get strong boni (for example, Leap Attack can get 3% ED / 1 Strength and still remain harder to use than for example Whirlwind; Bash can get 1% ED / 1 Strength, synergies could give high AR% instead of ED%)

You reduced many curse duration for Necromancers.
I fail to understand wether this is thought of you as bonus or malus.


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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by dreameaterx » Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:55 pm

Thank you ! It is possible that I will tweak the synergies a little after I finish adding the actual to-do content. Especially with people coming to try, some are bound to discuss it with me, like you just now, so after a while many changes can pile up, and I will take care of them then. It´s still completely fresh and isn´t expected to be well-balanced, especially the new skills.

The reason I reduced the duration for necromancer curses was because I found it to be ridiculously long, like some curses last for almost a whole minute a level 20 what let´s you have the debuff on enemies during whole fight. That looks quite illogical to me. Having to recast it more often keeps players busy, and if you are busy during fights, you do not have time to feel bored, i.e. you have less time (so the theory was in my head). Aside from that, the new necromancer passive prolongs curses, so the duration isn´t that much lower in the ending result, but it at least makes players not treat some curses like 1 point op tool, what I don´t find to my liking.

Come share your ideas to faster discussion on Discord if you´d like, or try the mod itself at that.

Thanks for showing interest, have a nice day.

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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by dreameaterx » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:50 pm

Mod is now public testable, but documentation is still only on Discord and even there it´s still pretty lacking: https://www.moddb.com/mods/reckoning

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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by MarvinC » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:11 am

Hi, I am sorry from my part but I deleted the game and only lurk on this forum.
I wish, you find good players and appreciation.

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Re: [Mod Pre-release] Reckoning

Post by dreameaterx » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:15 am

Reckoning HC Ladder Contest
Information and rules

1) Context ends by the start of May.
2) The character MUST be hardcore
3) In May, the 3 characters which are the highest on the ladder will be the winners
4) Any funny business and/or exploiting will count for disqualification
5) Parties are allowed
6) Have fun!


Note: Upon creating a character, make sure to register yourself in the forms, otherwise the character will not count. (Link provided below)

Prizes go as follows:

1st place - Cash prize, personalized unique item added to the game, Discord rank
2nd place - Personalized unique item added to the game, Discord rank
3rd place - Discord rank

Registration forms: https://forms.gle/eDmHWzbfZZCCHo6s9

Reckoning is a difficult mod, playing it hardcore is truly a challenge, but totally doable!
Having a party will make it easier to avoid dying on high-tier dungeons!
Remember to read informational channels about the mod before attempting to proceed!

Have fun and wait for the announcement to happen! Should you be interested, join mod's Discord : >>https://discord.gg/BTfUm7v<<

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