[Mod Presentation] My New Mod for singleplayer/multiplayer PvM challenge

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[Mod Presentation] My New Mod for singleplayer/multiplayer PvM challenge

Post by pepa999 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:56 am

This mod is made especially for singleplayer or multiplayer untwinked gameplay. It is when one or more players decide to start new characters and without muling go through game up to Baal on Hell Difficulty. The goal is to make this journey challenging, while preserve fun, diverse game rich in builds. Let's talk step by step about the changes.

"Maybe it is not believable at the first sight, but the way how Attack Rating and Defense Rating works has huge impact on lots of game aspects. One of the issue on which this mod focuses is that player builds(in vanilla) are too much forced to be either "Weapon Damage Build" or "Spell Damage Build".
The changes are made to make this two build directions not be so separated from each other.

Let's think about AR and DR in this way. When your AR is the same as enemy DR, you have 50% Chance to Hit.
It means it gives you in average 0.5 damage multiplier. When you increase your AR to great values, your CTH tend toward 100%, which means it tends to gives you double damage relatively to previous situation. Natural is to think, that AR and DR should works the same way in both directions. So When your enemy increases his DR to great values, your damage should tend to be halved. In the terms of percentages it means, that your CTH should tend toward 25%. Which is not true in original game, because it tends to be much lower, from 0.5 to 0.05, it is ten times lower. That is why it is meaningless to try to do some basic attacks with characters whose are not focusing heavily on this style of play.

In the mod, AR and DR works exactly the same in both directions. For example, when you have 400 AR and your enemy has 100 DR, your CTH is 400/500 * 100% = 0.8 * 100% = 80% = 1.6 * 50%. Conversely, when you have 100 AR and your enemy has 400 DR, your CTH is 500/400 * 25% = 1.25 * 25% = 0.3125 * 100% = 31.25% = 50% / 1.6.

Furthermore, CTH is not dependent on Attacker Level or Defender Level, which in original game punishing players for going through game too quickly and rewarding those who are returning to previous areas for better gear."

- Chance to hit/dodge independent on character level.
- Chance is calculated in this way:
if AR > DR then CTH = 100 * AR / (AR + DR)
else CTH = 25 * (AR + DR) / DR

"This will also make monsters stronger too, because they have always at least 25% chance to hit. There are also no further caps for CTH in both direction, it is naturally always between 25% and 100%."

"In the mod, the chance to block works as in Classic Diablo, so anyone can use its potential, when he find a good shield. The main problem with blocking in LoD is that it scales linearly, but effective hitpoints provided from its damage reduction scales much faster than linearly when you are close to reach max blocking. So it is either meaningless with small investment in dexterity, or it is overpowered, when you max that out."

- Chance to block independent on character level and dexterity. The exact value from shield is used.


"It is a shame, that such exciting idea of runes was implemented so bad. It is impossible to collect high runes during your journey through the game. So you experience this aspect only marginally. On the other hand, runewords added to the game in patch 1.10+ are ridiculously overpowered so you either have nothing, or get the runeword and have everything. Allowing only 1.09 runewords to be used unlock for this mod the possibility to greatly increase chances of dropping high runes. So you have good chance to make some reasonable runeword or just socket your unique item with high rune to make it even better.

The rule, which define the quality of dropped runes is as follow:

Every lesser rune is +1/6 more common, than previous higher rune. For example, for 6 Eld runes dropped, the game will drop also 7 El runes in average. The same rule works for any other rune. For example, for 6 Zod runes dropped, the game will drop also 7 Cham runes in average."

- Only 1.09 runewords are now enabled.
- Drop chances for runes was changed as show following table.


"Because there is no runeword using Zod rune now, its original efect is no more desirable. We will change it to another late game valuable effect, that players probably find worthy in every situation."

- Indestructible magic affix was changed to provide +14% to max life/mana/stamina. This applies also for Zod rune.

"This will affect items spawned in Magic Quality."


"Enlightenment doesn't have to necessarily mean how far you can see."

- maxic affixes providing +x to light radius were changed to +x to all attributes. This applies also for El rune.

"This will affect Magic Quality and Rare Quality items."


"As you will see in the next changes, the game will be much harder, than in original Diablo. That is why you will be strongly dependent on gear you find through the game. To ensure players can prepare well for more difficult stages of the game, they will be rewarded more for sacrificing attributes in favor of seeking for better equipment."

- MF% has no diminishing return on Unique, Set and Rare items. MF% now works also for High Quality and Normal Quality items.

"This will make your eventual magic find runs more sucessfull, not only in terms of magic items, but also non-magic items will be spawned in better quality and thus with more sockets to make better potential for your gems, runes and jewels."


"To make sure players have good chances to use gems in effectively improving their characters, we are increasing the socketing possibilities."

All Weapons(except throwing) and Armors can now possibly be socketed. Max sockets is always height*width. Gem apply types are:
Gloves = Weapons, Belts = Armors, Boots = Shields.


"We will not overlook skulls in the mod."

- Skulls are now the same likely to drop as other gems. Its selling cost is now the same too.

"In original, other gems has 50% better chance to drop compared with skull."


"Self-repair affixes will now heal minor injuries which you could suffered."

- Self-Repair (3) and Restoration (5) magic affixes was changed to replenish life +3/+5.

"This will affect Magic Quality and Rare Quality items."


"Some useless magic affixes were removed."

- Charged and Procing magic affixes was removed with exception of Amplified Damage.

"This will affect Magic Quality and Rare Quality items."


"Possibilities to overcome stagnation is something this mod supports. The littlest thing you can do, when you get overhelm by the difficulty, is to try to increase your character level."

- Experience gained from monsters are no longer reduced according to difference mlvl-clvl nor by diminishing return on 70+ lvl.

"On the other hand, when you are in high level areas, you always get the full experience from a monster as a reward for killing him, which can often be not an easy task."


"With all this help to a player, a lot of changes, which make game progress more deserved, coming too."

- Healing and Mana potions are restoring points only at 50% of its original rate.

"Now, the potions get you much less comfortable during the fight, while preserve its recovery function between fights."


"In original game, the real difficulty starts in late stages of the game. This mod tries to make you enjoy the challenge from the very start of the game."

- Resistance penalty was increased from 0,-40,-100 to -50,-70,-100


"One of the problem in vanilla is that investing points in vitality gets you unproportionately tough very quickly, which makes also investing in other attributes much less attractive for players."

- All characters receive the same amount of mana per energy and life, stamina per vitality(+1.75 mana per energy; +1.75 life, +0 stamina per vitality).
Stats per level was adjusted by the remainder number:
Barbarian +4.25 life, +0.25 mana, +2 stamina per level
Paladin +3.25 life, +1.25 mana, +2 stamina per level
Amazon +3.25 life, +1.25 mana, +2 stamina per level
Assassin +3.25 life, +1.5 mana, +2.5 stamina per level
Druid +1.75 life, +2.25 mana, +2 stamina per level
Necromancer +1.75 life, 2.25 mana, +2 stamina per level
Sorceress +1.25 life, +2.25 mana, +2 stamina per level


"Synergistically with previous two changes, this will make bonuses to stamina, reducing freeze or poison duration as well as increasing cold and poison resistances much more desired."

- Removed Stamina, Antidote, Thawing and Throwing potions from the game. The game will choose another item from the same TC to drop instead of them.

"The game will also drop something instead of useless throwing potions."


"Hirelings are important supplement to make your party strong enough to counter boosted enemy monsters. Removing auras from desert mercenaries will make other hirelings being considered supporting diversity as well as prevent game being too easy with large team having so many auras."

- Removed auras from desert mercenaries.

"This will also make auras unique again. If you want auras in your party, probably someone has to to play the Paladin."


"This mod tries to make every attribute of an item potentially important for the character. With lots of charms in your inventory, the effect of your gear you are wearing is shaded."

- Removed charms from the game. Instead of charm, the game generates amulet, ring or jewel with 1/3 chance to each.

"This will make more space in your inventary and increase importance of each item you wear. Also ratio between ring, amulet and jewel drop is now more balanced. It was 4:2:1, now it is 5:3:2."


"Making monsters more deadlier is one of the feature this mod offers."

- Enemy chance to critical hit was increased from 5% to 25%.

"Now they not only have always at least 25% chance to hit you, but also 25% chance to inflict double damage."


"Having mana is a privilege, not certainty."

- You can no longer buy mana potions.


"Rewarding players for wearing heavy armors and weapons across the all character classes is one of the goals of this mod. Heavy armors will be the most certain way of protecting yourself from savage monsters in close range. Using heavy weapons will not help only warriors in clearing areas out of spawns of hell, but will also benefit spellcasters, increasing their rate, at which they cast spells.

You will receive physical resistance based on your armor defense. Because we want to make it scale linearly, we need to think about it in term of +x% to effective life and then transform it into resistance.

You recieve +1% to effective life for every 30 armor defense.

The formula, that converts it into physical resistance is as follows:

physical resistance = 100 * armor defense / (3000 + armor defense).

You can see for example, when you have 3000 armor defense, it should gives you +100% to effective life,
which is exactly what 50% physical resistance does.

You receive +1% faster cast rate for every 5 weapon damage.

This bonuses apply also to hirelings."

- Playable characters and hirelings receive following bonuses to damage resist and faster cast rate.

damage resist = 100 * armor defense / (3000 + armor defense).
faster cast rate = weapon damage / 5

"In addition, armor defense vs missile and armor defense vs hth are (after halving) both considered as armor defense."


"The major change of this mod is adding monsters their own hpregen, that cant be prevented in any way. This makes game punishing you radically for slow killing of monsters. It is possible for monsters to make their hp doubled or even tripled druing the process of killing it. Another desired consequence is, that with more players in the game, monsters grow radically in strength. It can happen, that you just can't kill the monster, especially in the case of end act boss. You have to try to inflict as many damage as you can to make game reward you or you will be suffering. You will have to play more risky builds to be sucessfull, especially in fight with end act bosses.

Important to note is, that when you teleport to town, monsters regeneration will stop. So town aspect is still important during the boss fight, however in multiplayer you need to play more coordinately to benefit from this.

You can still prevent monster base damage regeneration for example via poison damage or prevent monster heal attribute."

- All enemies has passive hpregen stat(in addition to their normal damageregen) with value depended on type of monster:

1) End act bosses
hpregen = 256 * maxhp / (25 * 120)
(So that gives them full hp in 120 seconds).

2) All super uniques without normal monster type and all bosses, which are not end act bosses.
(Blood Raven, Griswold, Smith, Radament, Summoner, Izual, Hephasto, Nihlathak, Talic, Korlic, Madawc)
hpregen = 256 * maxhp / (25 * 48)
(So that gives them full hp in 48 seconds).

3) All normal monsters, champions, normal uniques and super uniques with normal monster type.
hpregen = 256 * maxhp / (25 * 24)
(So that gives them full hp in 24 seconds).

"This also greatly reduce efficiency of experience runs on weak monsters with lot of hp(for example act V monsters on normal difficulty or playing on /players 8)"


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