[D2LM] Diablo2 Legendary Mod

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[D2LM] Diablo2 Legendary Mod

Post by fernsehen123 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:50 pm


i just started with my own diablo2 modification and i'd like to share my plans.

this mod will be based on normal d2 LoD, newest patch, and it shall not change the gameplay too much.
all chars and all skills will stay untouched.
monsters are made up to 12x stronger than normal, therefore we need something to come up with them

-> The legendary items
I will implement legendary versions of every runeword/unique/set item that is in the game.

my versions will be (way) stronger and change the gameplay a bit.
some of them will make weak skills become powerful, just by giving tons of +skills
at least this is what i plan to do.

this mod is for people who love the normal diablo2 lod, but want to have some extras here and there, without missing anything that is already in the game.

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