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[WIP] Sanctus Mod -The Pact of Evil-

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:29 pm
by Barby
Hmmm Sanctus Mod and Pact of Evil. What´s going on?

As you already know, Im back after a very long break. I'm working on my little mod and the "modding fever"
has infected me again. When I had to put the Pact Mod of Evil on ice, in the summer of 2012 for personal reasons, I still knew
not whether I will continue or not. Now after 2.5 years it goes on, but how?

Of course the Sanctus Mod lie at my heart all the time and just not because many of my ideas are inside but also because I've spent a lot of time in the project. At the End it was sad to see what is happen the last view years. As has done nothing so far, I decided to take the mod and to enrich them with the things of Pact of Evil. The documentation and data on Sanctus are unfortunately very poor, there is the txt files from the 0.99 Beta version only and the documentation is available only from the 0.38b version, but much is yet be saved. I have
certainly not the modding experience as Xaltuhr and then in the first versions of Sanctus Mod - The Pact of Evil still a lot missing,
but the things come back gradually.

What remains of the two projects?

Sanctus Mod

All Runes version 0.99
All Runewords version 0.99
All Uniques version 0.99
All Set's version 0.99

Pact of Evil

All Gem
All Gemwords
increased resolution
Enlarged and adapted Itemgraphics
All new Maps
All new titleSets
All new stats
All new affixes


Changelog Version 0.39a


- increased all graphics from 28x28 pix to 32x32 pix


- change the Itemgraphic for all Items, every Item has his own graphic in Normal, Exceptional and Elite
- increased Polearm, Spear, Scythe and 2H Staffs to 2x5
- increased Belt to 2x2


All Character

- added new Body Armor
- added new Boots
- added new Throwing Axe
- added new Polearms
- added new Helms
- added new Circlets
- added new Belts
- added new Gloves

Character specific

- added Druid Pick for Druid only
- added Scythe for Necro only
- added Bracer for Barb only
- added Icebow for Amazone only
- added Firebow for Soso only
- added Flail for Pala only


- added new Body Armor for Merc only
- added new Belt for Merc only
- added new Botts for Merc only
- added new Gloves for Merc only
- added new Bows for Merc only
- added new 2H Swords for Merc only
- added new Swords for Merc only
- added new Bows for Merc only
- added new Polarms for Merc only
- added new Helms for Merc only
- added new Shields for Merc only


- all Items in Elite can be have the max of Sockets
- Throwing Weapons can be have Sockets
- Belts and Gloves can be have Sockets

Arrows and Bolts

- added 3 grades for Arrows and Bolts (Normal, Exceptional and Elite)
- added magic, rare, uniques and set Arrows and Bolts


- increased max Gold to 20.000.000


- added 33 new Runes


- Runewords working LoD like
- added 331 new Runewords
- added 20 new Merc only Runewords

- Gems have 3 grades only - ore, crystal and perfect
- added 6 normal Gems
- added new 15 cube Gems


- Gemwords working in magic items only
- added 57 new Gemwords
- added 21 new Merc only Gemwords


- added 183 new Uniques Items
- added 13 new Merc only Uniques Items


- Ancients give you full exp



Re: [WIP] Sanctus Mod -The Pact of Evil-

Posted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:55 pm
by h4r4ld
Hi there,

i've played Sanctus for quite a while and have been really sad that it was abandoned.

I'm glad to read that someone continues Xalthurs work!

Re: [WIP] Sanctus Mod -The Pact of Evil-

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:07 pm
by AlphA - The Real One
Actually its was not Xalthurs work alone, at least not for the last version. For example Barby worked on it too;). But yeah good to see. Im kinda busy nowadays so I also stopped modding.

@Barby : 你好,你最近怎么样?


Re: [WIP] Sanctus Mod -The Pact of Evil-

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:22 pm
by Barby
@Alpha:你好. 我很好你呢?

I try to put a lot of Sanctus Spirit in, but unfortunately the documentation was missing.
It´s a hard work to make a "copy" of Sanctus, but the pre-pre-pre-pre Beta is awsome.



Re: [WIP] Sanctus Mod -The Pact of Evil-

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:53 pm
by prawn
Cool glad to hear you're continuing your work Barby.