Bad news... (& good news)

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Brother Laz
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Bad news... (& good news)

Post by Brother Laz » Mon Jun 03, 2002 10:23 am

Bad news first... Demon Trip cost me my exams. :(

I'm out. >8X

Will upload what I have to a friendly ftp server & mail link to Jeff to put it on his website. Not entirely bug-free, but I have other things to do right now than fixing el-dmg*25 bug on RoF or whatever involving virtual pixels in a virtual image.

Mind you, without any notes I cannot convert to 1.10 anyway. :(

Good news... my companion Caän will take over... not yet, cause he's busy with the same exams as me, but after that and when 1.10 comes out he's going to give the mod a major overhaul, take out 90% of the skills (all of them except three) and replace them with properly working ones (he's found out how to make melee skills add weapon damage and special effects to the intended target only (and make attack rating count!), now that it's too late for my mod, of course. I believe his Immolation has a frenzy-like rev up effect!!), truly new skills (absorb shield, magic find aura) a new item setup based around gems, skill scrolls (the charms I took out at the last moment), lots of new graphics and animations; a new mod, basically. :)

He'll be finished with today's exam in an hour or so, and I believe the first thing he'll do is rush to the computer room and post his first screenshots. :)
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Post by Alkalund » Mon Jun 03, 2002 5:39 pm

I hope you will still be around Brother Laz. Bug-free or not, your mod was by far the funniest I have ever played. Two thumbs up for you my friend :beer:

And Caän, please start taking notes of your changes, so you can convert the mod to 1.10 without too much effort :mrgreen:

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