Policy on Clan Recruiting

This forum is for members of the public to post any announcements relating to Diablo 2 Mod Making including mod and patch releases amongst other similar subjects.
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Policy on Clan Recruiting

Post by Myhrginoc » Sun Jun 29, 2003 5:48 pm

The Phrozen Keep is dedicated to mod making and mod playing; regular clans organized around the unmodded game are not our target market. Although we do have a General Diablo II Discussion forum, it is intended to be ancillary to our defined purpose. Recruitment bulletins for regular clans will be viewed as a violation of the Terms of Service, Part VIII.

Clans organized around specific mods, such as a Zy-El clan or a TFW clan, should post clan news in the forum or thread devoted to that mod and not in any of the general forums. The usual posting rules apply.
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