Mass healing skill and throwing mastery pierce question

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Mass healing skill and throwing mastery pierce question

Post by kulasdq » Sun Sep 25, 2022 12:23 am

I tried to create a mass healing skill that heals both the caster and the allies. I used battle command as the base skill and changed aurastat1 to hitpoints. The problem is that once the healing effect ends, the hp immediately reverts back to the original amount. To give an example, my character's current hp is 50, the skill can heal 100 hp in 1 second. I use the skill and my character gets healed. His hp increases to 150 then immediately reduces to 50. I can't figure out the problem, I thought battle command works the same as aura. I was also thinking about making a holybolt nova. The issue is the caster can't heal himself since I can't get hit by my own holybolt...

Another question is adding pierce property to throwing mastery. Tried both skill_pierce and item_pierce, tested many times, it seems neither works. I tested with 100% pierce. Skill_pierce never passed through a target. With item_pierce, visually the weapon passed through the target, but the enemy behind the first target never got damage. At least from the testing I have done so far, I never killed 2 targets with one throw. Not sure if it's a bug.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Mass healing skill and throwing mastery pierce question

Post by Cypress » Sun Oct 09, 2022 7:57 pm

For duration healing, you should use 'hpregen'. The problem with 'hitpoints' if I remember correctly is that only the aura srvdofuncs are capable of applying it permanently, other states will only apply it temporarily. Instead, you should consider using 'hpregen' and scaling it so that it gives the desired amount of life over the given duration. So for example, if you wanted 100 HP in 1 second, then use auralencalc=25, aurastat1=hpregen, aurastatcalc1=102. Or more clearly, aurastatcalc1=x*256/len, where x is the amount of life you want to gain over the duration.

As for the Throwing Mastery/pierce issue, it has to do with Throwing Mastery having passiveitype=thro. Passiveitype sets a param value for the respective passivestats. For whatever reason, skill_pierce/passive_pierce do not work when a param is set (presumably deprecated behavior where those stats were intended to be weapon-specific). Setting Send Param Bits for these stats does not seem to fix the issue either. As such, the only fix I can think of is something janky like using a charm-given aura that scales based on Throwing Mastery, or to have an extra passive skill for the Barb that can be upgraded for free every time Throwing Mastery is leveled.

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