Help: Monsters are passing threw closed doors (Like ghosts!)

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Help: Monsters are passing threw closed doors (Like ghosts!)

Post by Vortaka » Wed May 25, 2022 10:47 pm

Hi all,

Problem: The monsters are passing threw closed doors like if they were NOT there... They are NOT opening them they just pass threw them, like you see ghosts passing threw walls in movies!

It's not a major annoyance but would be nice to fix! I tried looking threw the files I modified, comparing them to the originals, but since I included multiple mods to my little project (and my notes taking isn't very good I fear) I don't really understand where the trouble occurs...

If anyone can help, please, would be nice to fix that (after so many years (yeah, like I said, not major annoyance!))
And just pointing a file/column/row that would need to be verified would be helpful! (I can check it, I just don't know what/where to check!)
I can tell you that most doors are affected (if not all) (ex.: ACT 2 (Maggot lair) you know, the greenish blobs "doors") monsters can see/go threw, I still need to open it!


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