[1.10] various questions

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[1.10] various questions

Post by Nordos » Sat Sep 25, 2021 6:59 am

Good day,
I am a somewhat beginner regarding modding, but read through various guides and threads. Still, there are some problems I haven't found an answer for.

1) rand damage for skills.
- I wanted a melee skill to deal and have missiles that deal 'rand' damage, but the damage field gets ignored. Burn for example does work, though the damage is pretty weird in that case

2) (small) leech for cast skills.
- Sounds easy, right? Just use the Vampire Firehead function! Well, first of all I needed extensive testing until I realized taht the missile needs damage (even if the damage is then overwritten through the skill) for the function to work. Problem: Well, I couldn't control the amount of leech this way, it was way too high!
- Next idea was to deal 'life' damage. Turns out, the damage only work in conjuration with physical damage, needs to be at least 1 and ... does the same as firehead function. The leech just seems to be an on/off.
- Building up on the second idea, I modified teeth that it deals physical damage + '1 life' damage, converted 90%-95% (exact values need testing after all) phy damage into magical, so that there is only a small part left dealing physical damage that has leech. Small problem: The damage is now displayed higher than it actually is, thanks to the '1 life' damage I carry with me... Is there a less convulted way to do what I have done differently?

3) removing immus.
- Yep, extensive MonStat editing to reduce all resistances. Got it. Problem: There are still the monster enchantments that give a lot of resistences. Can I somehow somewhere reduce the amount they get or is it CE? Is there any other way to prevent them from reaching 100+ res, maybe by giving them all a prop that leads to a passive skill/aura that reduces said resistance when resistance is higher than y [100}? Any other way I may have overlooked?

I may or may not come up with more questions once I am truly stumped again. I thank you for any answers you can provide.

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Re: [1.10] various questions

Post by Cypress » Sat Oct 09, 2021 1:13 pm

For (1), you should have no issue dealing rand damage with melee attacks, so long as the skill itself can deal elemental damage. For example, changing mag to rand for Berserk will make it start dealing elemental damage conversion. Or if I disable conversion entirely (clc4=0) and use emindam and emaxdam instead, then it will deal the defined amount of rand damage.

As for missiles, I don't think it's possible for them to deal rand damage. At best, you could create some complicated missile system that simultaneously deals all elemental damages at once. So for example, if you want it to deal 5-100 "random" damage, then give it 1-20 fire damage, 1-20 cold damage, 1-20 lightning damage, 1-20 magic damage and 1-20 poison damage. It's janky, but it would kind of be like rand damage.

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