Is it possible to "telekinesis" without the animation?

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Is it possible to "telekinesis" without the animation?

Post by Vortaka » Fri Sep 24, 2021 8:51 pm

Hello all! Let's get to it!

I'm using an old 1.12a HYPER MEGA MODDED version (still works!), with plugy, better resolution, bigger inventory, little better drop and lots of little tweaks for me I created). Anyway...
I use the telekinesis skill (that I gives to all) to pickup gold/potions/rune/gems near. (autohotkey script). I would like the "casting" speed or animation to be A LOT faster, like instantaneous! Or simply to remove the animation.

Is it possible to make the "telekinesis" skill activate without the animation? (I tried removing the SC (spell cast) within the anim and seqtrans columns but it crashed!).
I did lower the sound (since I use it so often) but the main problem is the spell casting animation slow speed...

Can any help? Thanks!

Note1: Alright... I tested many things (had a little free time to mess with it) and since I cannot modify/find animation speed, I decided to try changing the animation. As I said, removing it crashes the game... However, changing it works... The fastest one (for what I was able to do) was "KK" (the kick animation). So, my Telekinesis is done by a kick (weird hey? My foot brings me stuff!) and can be performed a couple of times a second (quick!).

S1 is a jump or something (Assassin's like to jump, right?)
S2 is a raise your hand slow anim
S3 is a down to the ground animation... Don't think assassin's are meant to have that one!


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