Trouble Removing Monsters Immunities (Plugy)

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Trouble Removing Monsters Immunities (Plugy)

Post by xTehOnex » Thu Sep 16, 2021 5:29 pm

I am running 1.14C Plugy and have been doing some mods - one thing I'd like to do is remove elemental immunities (at least from trash mobs, I know champion packs will require additional changes, so lets keep this post just about non-unique, non-champion packs).

I am using AFJ Sheet 0.61 Beta and Ladik's MPQ editor.

Here's what I'm doing:

I open patch_d2.mpq using the 1.13 list file with Ladiks
extract out MonStats.txt to desktop
I open the extracted MonStat.txt file with AFJ Sheet and update column EP "ResCo(H)"
I select this column for all rows and update the value to "-100"
I save the changes to MonStats.txt on the desktop
I go back to Ladiks and click the "Add Files" green plus button, select my MonStats.txt file, and click "yes" to overwrite the existing file in the Patch_D2.mpq

I load up D2, go to act 1 hell and all the zombies are still immune to cold :(

I did double check that the MonStats.txt file in the patch_d2.mpq file does contain the changes (so adding the file did make changes to the MPQ and I can see the columns are still all -100 for "ResCo(H)'". So I don't think its an issue of me being dumb and not re-packing correctly.

Am I missing something here? Are monster immunities handled somewhere else in addition to the ResCo columns in the MonStat.txt file? Does Plugy change how the .mpq files are read? (first time trying to mod ontop of plugy for me).

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Re: Trouble Removing Monsters Immunities (Plugy)

Post by Cypress » Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:51 pm

I strongly recommend that you do not mod like this. It is very cumbersome. Instead, put data/global/excel into your directory (or mod folder if running D2SE) and use a shortcut with -dir -txt parameters. This will run your txt files without having to bother with all that repacking tedium. This also allows you to quickly make changes. For example:
(1) Start character
(2) While still in-game, use txt editor to give a Hand Axe 5-10 damage
(3) In-game hand axe will still be the same
(4) Quit to menu, start character
(5) Changes are now present

This lets you rapidly make changes and see the results. No restarting the entire game, no re-packing necessary.

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