My first mod trial, making nomal Eldritch the super dropper

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My first mod trial, making nomal Eldritch the super dropper

Post by yorkyong » Sat Aug 07, 2021 4:55 am

I'm now resume D2lod SP after 15 years. I feel impossible to get high runes as a casual player (2h per week). Thanks d2Mod to let me tune the drop rate (and everything else). After reading txt files for days, I decided to make a small Mod for a test, before I tune the drop rate. My sorc is lvl25 at Act5. So it is best to make normal Eldritch a supper dropper, because it is just beside the WP.

I added a new TC in Treasureclassex.txt, named "Eldritch", 1024/1024 to unique and set, pick=-4 so that it always drops 4 items. item1 is r01(rune #1), item2 is r33(zod), item3 is weap87, and item4 is armo87. All prob is 1. So I expect him to drop 1*Rune#1, 1*zod, 1 of any unique weapon, and 1 of any unique armo.
In Superuniques.txt, Eldritch is Megaflow Rectifier. I changed its TC normal to the TC I've added "Eldritch". I also set its mingrp and maxgrp to 0, so that it comes with itself alone without minions.
Then I realized that his mlvl may be too low in normal to drop the unique weap/armo. In monstat.txt, Eldritch is "minion1", and I change its mlvl from 31 to 85, so that his mlvl is 85+3=88, high enough for all unique items.

Finally, I make a test run to him, finding his HP/DMG is way more than usually (as expected, HP/DMG go up with lvl), but still killable (static field+fireball). He dropped as expected.
I made one more test by setting him to drop "hydra bow" in his TC, by inputting the code of hydrabow. He then dropped windforce as expected.

Now it is the time to just tune the dropping rate only, do some math, so that I can expect to get more reasonable drop rate (e.g. one #28+ per 10 hours), flatter drop rate for Andy and Meph across normal to elite items.

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