How to get Some CTC AOE Skills to work ?

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How to get Some CTC AOE Skills to work ?

Post by Ryan432121 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:10 pm

I been having a hard time making Some AOE (Area of Effect) skills to work on Chance To Cast items, Some Skills like "Blizzard" work on CTC without any issues but when i try to get "Armageddeon" Or "Revive" to proc on CTC it does not work and im really unsure why ?

The Item im testing i tried to add "hit-skill" & and "kill-skill" in the output of Cubemain.txt , that did not work.

I also tried messing around in the Skills.txt tab and changing ItemEffect = 1, ItemTarget = 3 , ItemCltCheckStart = 1 But nope that did not work either.

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Re: How to get Some CTC AOE Skills to work ?

Post by Cypress » Thu Dec 03, 2020 2:34 pm

For Revive, my best results are:
ItemCltEffect=41 (from Grim Ward, it'll produce a monster size-dependent cltside missile)

As for Armageddon and Hurricane, I believe those aren't possible. I can get them to "work" by just changing srvstfunc from 114 to 18, but then the skill will of course not shoot missiles, which suggests to me that srvstfunc 114 does not want to work via ItemEffect. I would suggest taking Thunderstorm and making it into a wonky kind of clone of them (it'd involve a lot of missile work to get it to look even remotely like Armageddon/Hurricane), but I've never been able to get it to work with ctc either. As far as I know, the only way to make a ctc that produces missiles from the player over a duration is via Blaze, although that is way, way farther away from Armageddon/Hurricane identity than even Thunderstorm. It is also technically possible to do it via auras, but every time the aura triggers it will interrupt your current action ala Dodge/Avoid and it has troubles creating cltside missiles, making that solution equally undesirable.

The best alternative I can think of is to use a summoning skill instead that produces an intangible minion which is very tightly leashed to the player for a duration equivalent to Hurricane/Armageddon (note that this will cause crashes if used by a mercenary). Then make it so the summon casts Hurricane/Armageddon directly and also inherits your +% fire skill damage and +% cold skill damage. The effect will be slightly offset, since the minion will always be slightly off from your central position and it will also mean that kill-effects will be triggered by your minion, and not yourself, should these pseudo-Hurricane/Armageddon minions score kills.

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