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D2SE not loading text files

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:05 pm
by kain_abel_666
so i am trying to load d2se in -direct -txt mod to check my changes, i have d2se in my main Diablo II directory, Mod files in Diablo II\MOD\Voidstone\ all of my updated .txt are in Voidstone\data\global\excel D2SE_Setup with modding directions is in my voidstone (mod) folder. D2SE should be able to find the text file in that directory or do i have to specify something else somewhere in D2SE_Setup.ini?
because it doesnt not seem to be reflecting any changes in game

Here is the contents of my D2SE_Setup.ini:

Code: Select all

#This is for Modsystem compatibility only dont touch this!

#The User Checkboxes will be remembered here. All options can be altered inside GUI
#Renderer 0=DDraw 1=D3D 2=not functional(openGL) 3=glide/3dfx default=3
#WindowMode 0=Fullscreen 1=D2 inside Window (-w commandline) works only with glide+DDraw default=0

#NoSound 1=switch off sound (-ns commandline)

#Enables Creation of HC Chars when ModAllowHC=1 default=1

#Enable PlugY when ModAllowPlugY=1

#Parameter for modding, only active when Modable=1
#Direct 1=use -direct commandline default=0
#Txt 1=use -txt commandline default=0

#The Selected Language/Option

#Settings the Modder has to Set when using D2SE Modsystem it can be protected! Dont change anything here when its not your Mod and you want to play on Realm
#CoreEngine needed or included in this Mod all not included files will be taken from the Vanilla Folder of the Version!
#Supportet Cores are 1.07 1.08 1.09b 1.09d 1.10f 1.11b 1.12a 1.13c THIS MUST BE SET

#Modnames & Title 32 Chars each maximum

#Mod Versions 10 Chars each maximum

#Filename of a 250*60 Buttonimage in BMP format! keep the outer 1 pixel border black! used for Modselection

#Button to launch readme can be file or Webpage

#Allow the activation of -direct and -txt switch default=0
#When Modable=0 it forces -Direct -Txt without showing the Checkboxes.

#Allows the Creation of HC Characters default=1

#1=Allow Singleplayer Multistart!

#ModSystems used
#Allowed with Core 1.11b: NEFEX
#Allowed with Core 1.10f: D2MOD
#Allowed with the Cores it was compiled for: D2Extra
#Allowed with all supportet Cores: D2SE
#for correct configuration and handling of nefex, d2mod and D2Extra refere to their readmes, ini files and documentation!
#for correct configuration and handling of D2SE refere to the documentation as soon as its available.
#not all features of each System can work together watch out for Collisions be warned!
#dont use any of their loadsystems D2SE will load the modsystems in a clean way for you!!!
#D2SE 1=load and init D2SE on startup
#Name of the D2SE Mod dll 32 Chars maximum
#D2SEUtility 1=use utility functions inside D2SEUtility.dll
#Nefex 1=load nefex at startup it does selfinitialization
#D2Mod 1=load and init D2Mod.dll at startup
#D2Extra 1=Use D2Extra on startup make sure you have the correct version for your D2 Core!


#PlugY 1=Allow PlugY make sure the installed Version supports the D2 Core! (1.09b 1.09d 1.10f 1.11b 1.12a)

#MPQ Setup
#1=Patch_D2.mpq gets loaded 0=gets unloaded. Use 0 only when your own .mpq holds all content of patch_d2.mpq
#Names of up to 3 own MPQ Files in increasing priority. All of them are higher than patch_d2 32 Chars each maximum

#Realm setup DONT EVER USE D2SE to connect to official BNet. Checksum will fail for sure!
#Only use the baseinstallation of D2 patched to newest Patch to play on BNet with starting game.exe !!!
#Im not responsible if you are stupid! make sure you have no type errors this cannot get verified automatic!


#Her you can enable/disable and configure Features of the D2SEUtility.dll comming soon

#Read this from your own code for your own features!

#dont touch this it must be at the end of file to check for corruptions

4 days ago i changed some skills.txt, missles.txt and pettype.txt to allow skeles and skele mages to be summoned together (wasn't so before in my mod) and that change is showing fine
but now for 3 days i have been trying to troubleshoot rune drop issues with my countess and couldn't figure out why i wasn't seeing any difference.

I have been editing superuniques.txt, TreasureClassEx.txt and monstat.txt and nothing was working. Last night i had a hunch that something just wasnt working right so i made a slight but easily noticable and testable change to my runes.txt - i made a begining game runeword have 200 % enhanced defence instead of 25 (a basic El El rune word) and then saved and closed the txt and opened the game. Upon crafting the runeword there changes were indeed not being passed even though the file was in the correct folder and -direct and -txt boxes were both checked.

I just took over this mod from someone else whom had moved onto another project just last week, and am wondering if maybe there are some file permissions that are interfering with access. I can read and edit and overwrite the files in questions but some things like plugy.ini and d2se_setup.ini my access is denied and i have to save a copy elsewhere and then overwrite the file.

Would it be possible to just copy the data from each txt file and create new ones? To extract all the data from each mpq and repack with new permissions?

Please i am drowning here and am seriously in jeopardy of losing my testers/players if i cant get an update out soon that fixes countess drops.