[ 1.14b, exp] UniqueItems.txt stops working ..

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[ 1.14b, exp] UniqueItems.txt stops working ..

Post by theoutlaw » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:17 am

I've made 6 new unique items :
- 1 flag for each armor/helm/weapon spawn in cube
- 1 new unique armor/helm/weapon.

Everything was going well untill I do the same thing for a shield.
Now my unique items spawns as their base item ( without the unique name ).
It's like if there was a 'max spawn' on 'server side' ( my game acting like a server ) and my item don't want to spawn as unique anymore ..

I've set their 'nolimit' column to 1 ..
But nothing to do ..

I removed the new uniques to make the shield and the others won't come back.
I tried doing them from scratch and still can't spawn them ..

Is there any 'unique item spawn' maximum for the game somewhere ???

edit :: i've started from scratch except the inventory ..
still can't get a unique item with the same code ..

trying from scratch with new codes ..
new codes does not work either.

What am I doing wrong lol ?

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