Act5barb run animation problem

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Act5barb run animation problem

Post by csguak » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:31 pm

Hello, I made a new enemy... more like replaced an unused monster(gorgon1, hcIdx 36) with act5 barbarian, and tested it with 3 different AIs.

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They all have RN animation and their A.I.s utilize it too. The problem is using their A.I. for act5barb combatants.
The monster actually works well, it can damage the player with A1, A2, obeys ai parameters(monstat.txt), using skills if I make it to.

Here are my current test findings:
1. NPC barbarian's RN Animation plays CORRECTLY if I use CorruptRogue, CorruptLancer, Zakarumzealot A.I.s on the already existing NPC barbs on Frigid Highlands in ACT5.
Example: If I replace Npcbarb A.I. column with Corruptlancer A.I., NPC barbs can still use RN animation very well and fight like corrupted lancers.

2. The new enemy I created is still broken(moon walks) if I populate Frigid Highlands with them. Untouched NPC barbs can use RN animation just fine.

3. Levels.txt actually does not seem to be populating Frigid Highlands with NPC barbs, because none of the columns have NPC barb or act5barb1,2 in them. (I also can't populate other areas with their ID token)

4. If I give the new barbarian enemies in Blood Moor the "Npcbarb" A.I., they will MOONWALK in Act1.

I looked into this post to see if this is act5 monster specific issue, but I'm not sure if they are even related.

I ended up giving it a Duriel A.I., making a new charging skill that uses a custom sequence using their RN animation, but paladin charge skill makes the monster reaaally clunky.

Does anyone know what is causing the moonwalk? :?:

EDIT: oh btw, act5hire1,2 barbarians have the same problem.

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Re: Act5barb run animation problem

Post by Ribby » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:50 am

Does the new enemy barbarians die with their worn equipment.

You see, I made an request.
[Request] Death Animation of Diablo2 Players w/ Equipment?

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Re: Act5barb run animation problem

Post by Necrolis » Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:42 pm

It might be worth noting that those wilderness act 5 barbs are hardcoded to move towards Shenk, not sure if this would cause the issue you are experiencing though (as its part of the AI IIRC). I recommend avoiding the AI an duplicating the monstats2 tokens or making new tokens using MergeDCC.
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