CW-AT v1.02 release plans

Information and teasers from the upcoming mod, Cabal Wars - Aeons Tide. NOTICE: This project has been scrapped in lieu of the Shadow Empires mod.

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CW-AT v1.02 release plans

Post by Joel » Wed Nov 06, 2002 2:58 pm

Ok, I know some of us are waiting for these :)

I've decided to release a half-baked version of CWAt 1.02 in order to give you real matters to look, admire and complain.

This version will incldue :

- 6 new characters classes and animations ( amazon ditched)
- some new act layout ...
- some new monsters
- reworked affix and base item.
- reworked uniques.
- reworked recipes.
- reworked GUI
- some sets if i got time.

All skills will stay the same, cause i don't want to do thse twice with 1.10.
Some tricks involving DLL will be in but not all, bacause of chrashy crashy attitude and some tweak needed.

So , you'll could play it , and tell me about thing like overall gfx quality, new musics and some layout probs. Obviously, it will unbalanced cause of skills that don't fit with the new AR/AC system etc ...

Hope people will enjoy this first shot ;)

RELEASE DATE : 1st december 2002
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Post by CiViC » Wed Nov 06, 2002 11:10 pm

will it include the rogue encampment change ????
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Post by Myhrginoc » Thu Nov 07, 2002 2:52 am

I'll be happy to look it over and give you some feedback. :beer:
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