Crafting system: Feedback

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Crafting system: Feedback

Post by Kuss » Fri Sep 11, 2015 7:07 pm

So after ten times I restarted writing a crafting system, trying to do something a little bit balanced.
I'm not going to explain how to add sockets or upgrade items etc. The point of this thread is GEM CRAFTING.

Every gem, cubed with an item, gives a bonus to the item based on the quality of the gems and the type of item. And, of course, for balancing reasons, let's put the good old +2 Level Request in there too.

So, a chipped amethyst cubed with a sword will give it +3-7% enhanched damage whereas a perfect amethyst will give much more, 50-65%.
Since I changed the recipes and now it only takes 2 gems to upgrade to the next one, I was wondering how balanced a thing like this would be.

1) Are items going to be too powerful? Keep in mind I can always change the stats' number, but I can't stop a player from farming gems and stack them up.

2) Gold in my mod is really important, maybe instead of Gem+Item, a good addition would be Gem+Item+Reagent? So it would be not only gem farming but also a nice gold sink

3) Should the gem crafting be available on rares, uniques and sets? If so, put a limitation on each tier? Like, more requested level?

Welcome any tips and tricks

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Re: Crafting system: Feedback

Post by cla$$ics » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:46 pm

Eastern Sun has this idea in place with the use of Dragon Stones and Forging Hammers. Essentially you could permanently add stats to items, but you are limited by both the number of Dragon Stones that you can find (because they are a rather rare item, even in Hell) and a hard limit imposed by a counter stat. Also I remember some mod that did this with body parts (maybe it was XyraX? or Battle for Elements? I don't honestly remember) and each body part gave a very small stat boost, like +1% strength.
It's a good idea, as it lets you personalize gear. But there needs to be some sort of limiting factor.
Although done for our needs, mod-makers should like these changes, too.
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Re: Crafting system: Feedback

Post by Desocupado » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:46 pm

There's the old Sir General rune mod. It was entirely based on crafting (but it didn't use the cube, it used CE to make it improve gear with a right click)
% based properties doesn't really need to scale up in number. They scale with level / base stat on gear (normal/exceptional/elite).

1) Well you can (probably) balance the numbers. Specially if you control level requirement on items and mods carefully.
Let's say each item have about 4 gem upgrades available - based on their level requirement/when they drop.

The main effect of such system on gameplay might be making it harder to change gear (since you have to redo all gem upgrades) -
This raises the question, why not to use regular sockets instead? (I suppose you have plans for runes and jewels already)

To control players, you can put a level requirement on higher tier gem recipes.

2) If gold is already important, you don't need an additional gold sink. Also it'll make the interface clunkier.
Also reagents cannot scale in price correctly.

3) Not sure. The question is, are magical/rare/unique/set really relevant? If so, what does this recipe mean to accomplish?
Is it make blue items usable (or even better than rare/unique)? Is it making people hunt gems?

Related ideas
1 - Only transmutate 1 gem per item and it gets random thematic mods instead of a fixed bonus.
2 - Items are only magical at most - you need to enchant it all the way to usefulness
3 - Gems cannot be socketed

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Re: Crafting system: Feedback

Post by Kuss » Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:04 pm

Thanks for the answers my friends.
I explain better what I want to achieve.

Right now, with various reagents that can be bought from the merchants, you can do these things:
- upgrade items (norm to excp and excp to elite)
- adding sockets
- reroll qualities
- normal to rare
- unsockets (destroy everything inside)

And I'm kinda happy with this set-up, because I can control everything and it kinda works. If you want to put a gem inside an item, just socket it (spending gold for catalyst). If you want to reroll the rare amulet, go do it, buy 2 chaos dice.

Another gold sink is the gamble screen: right now the gamble costs are ENTIRELY FIXED. A chest armor costs X, a weapon costs Y, every other thing costs Z, and amulet and rings have fixed prices too. This way you can spend all your gold on the gamble and you can actually hope to get something good (also chance to get rarer items is increased a little bit).

This is all good, but I can't manage to get a simple system for customizing gear. Everything I tried, I failed because either can't balance, or too complex or too simple. Tried something like Mystic Orbs of median, tried this gem thing I explained in the first post; tried to make Crafted Items (like, Weapon of the Warrior), but that'd be a$$ to balance and make it work like I want.

Thanks for your posts, maybe I'd get some ideas going from them. If you want to suggest more, not based on what I explained in the OP, then go ahead, I'm waiting for solutions ^^

Here's the list of the MARKS (mystic orbs, runes, etc. just cube them with appropriate item and you get bonus).
Is there any particular stat I'm forgetting? I think I added the most relevant one. Any ideas on this?

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