Version 3.02 Released

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Version 3.02 Released

Post by enq » Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:13 am

Seasons After v3.01/2 beta
A balance mod for Diablo II Lord Of Destruction
Download the new version from here:

Everything in this text file and more can be found at the following website:

1.01 Changes in v3.01
1.02 Changes in v3.02

1.01 Changes in v3.01

Reduced the Barbarian's starting stamina.
Reduced the damage of the Barbarian's Hunting Axes.
Swapped the hands that the Barbarian's Hunting and Tool Axes start in - so you can use Throw straight off.
Increased the Barbarian's bonus to Stamina and Stamina Regeneration on his Deerskin Boots.

Increased the spawning levels of all Hirelings.

Spiked, Barbed and Blade Barrier Shields now get automagic Thorns.

Reduced the life regeneration rate of Andariel, it was a tad high ;)

1.02 Changes in v3.02

Unique Items
Added: Gwendolyn's Insight (Walking Stick), Leaf Taker's Balance (Thresher), Feel It (Primal Bow), Home (Highland Bow), Severance Pay Package (Tribal Bow)

Removed all Staves, Wands and Sceptres from being gambled as they would just generate far too much cash upon sale.
I'll put them back if I find a way to reduce their selling price.
But, as a consolation prize...
Change gambling chances to: 85% Magic, 10% Rare, 4% Set, 1% Unique ;)

Increased Ironwolves health per level to equal that of the Rogues.
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