D2SE 2.2.0 + PlugY + Mercenary's equipment

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D2SE 2.2.0 + PlugY + Mercenary's equipment

Post by Baliannn » Thu May 21, 2020 10:49 am

Hi everyone !
I am rather new to this forum. So, let me present my issue before you, D2SE 2.2.0 is working fine with my 1.13c game version (the game shows that plugY is 10.00). However, my merc can only equip helm + weapon + armor (the standard equipment). I have other copies of the game, since I play it in opel battle.net as well and have seen that people can use full mercenary equipment (helm+armor+weapon+ 1 ring + 1 amulet + gloves + boots + belt), however, I am not able to do it here.
I checked the forum here for similar topics, yes, indeed I do find some related, but I must admit that I am a noob and can't find these .ini (files) and change what is necessary. All I want is to just allow my mercenary to be fully equipped = that's all I need. I don't need some extra stash space or etc. Could someone tell me precisely what should I do (I do beg you to explain me in a very simple and clean English). Thank you all in advance and I apologise in advance for my inability to solve it on my own !
In some topics in is advised to use OllyDbg to code it/decode it. Could someone explain me how can I do it with that tool ?
This is what happens when I try to use PureRage's plugin
https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo?alb ... 3005107965

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