Please Read This Before Posting

Due to our policy banning the discussion of realm/pseudo-realm matters this forum is for players to organize mod games over IP/TCP connections.

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Please Read This Before Posting

Post by Phrozen Heart » Sun Oct 17, 2004 4:43 pm

Welcome to our new Multi-Player Matchup forum. The purpose of this forum is to arrange IP/TCP multi-player games for all of the mod players out there. Before you go posting please note the following:
  • All regular forum rules still apply. Please consult the Terms of Service for details.
  • Auto-pruning of threads over a week old is in effect. Don't be surprised if your old threads disappear if unposted to (although please no double-posting).
  • Unless your previous thread has been pruned/deleted please try to keep matchups for the same mod confined to the same thread.
  • This forum has been especially modified so that posts in here DO NOT add to your post count.
  • Have fun!
Few suggestions that may help you more easily to find people for TCP/IP games:

#1 Use the name of the mod you want to play in the topic's subject.
#2 Post the version of the mod. It will help to avoid confusions why you cannot connect to other players.
#3 Not sure what is your IP? Check at .
#4 If you want to have more specific discussion about the game you are about to play you can post a messenger details: Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ etc. or join the mod's IRC channel (if any).

*To be edited for more details and suggestions. Intentionally keeping everything in one topic - for now. ;)
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