**The Forge is Closing**

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**The Forge is Closing**

Post by FoxBat » Sun Mar 23, 2003 8:39 pm

Read this link: The Forge Closes it's Doors

All downloads, future updates, and discussion on Seven Lances and D2Accelerator can be found at SevenLances.com.

I am still reachable at my usual email address, foxbat_stargazer@yahoo.com , and I will still be active in the Phrozenkeep. All Forge materials are simply moving.
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Re: **The Forge is Closing**

Post by Vendanna » Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:21 pm

Thanks for make that Mod FoxBat and I wish you a good luck with it, I enjoyed it all the time I played it (testing it for you).

if you wish, I can send you the equipment of my retired Concentration Zealot if you want to know the equipment he used in Hell Act II (where I left playing Seven Lances to work with Nefarius in the Xyrax Mod.
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