Amazon skills

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Amazon skills

Post by mishy23 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 4:52 pm

Well there was no Topic for Amazon skills, so I better start one up,
So far everything is looking great, but I need 2 passive, or castable buff-up spells for the passive tab, any neat ideas out there. I want something new that would benefit the amazon.
I definately decided against any bow/javelin/spear mastery, amazons are going to be strong enough.
Feel free to post any suggestion for amazon class as a whole in this thread.

Here's a sneak peek at what skills the Amazon has in the works (subject to change :P)

Code: Select all

Bow&Crossbow Tree

                            Instill              ArcaneArrow
AcidArrow             GuidedShot           |
        |                       |                 FireStorm
PoisonSpores         Strafe                   |
        |                   SeekersFury    Immolation
Quick Info:
Left Column are poison bow skills, as amazon is more poison oriented in this mod,
Acid arrow is low level, low damage, HIGH duration single shot skill, while poison spores adds more of an area of effect when it hits and creeping doom will be a lot of eye candy ;)

Center column is more physical damage related, starting with instill which will power up your arrow when you fire, causing them to travel slower but inflict more damage, while we all know what guided and strafe are. Can you guess what skill seeker’s fury is based off of…

Right Column is the elemental related skills, while arcane arrow is a modified magic arrow, firestorm is a new bow skill that leaves trails of flames behind the arrow as it fires,
And immolation is carried over from vanilla.

Code: Select all

Jav&Spear Tab

   |                    DragonicSoul           SkyLance
TribalForce                   |                  Ricochet
    |                   PiranhicFrenzy         Fungal Bloom
LastStand                     |                       |
                       ShamanicDream       MultiShot

Quick Info:
Left Column is the more basic melee skills and is Spear ONLY. Jab is now spear only but improved, tribal force will attempt to allow amazons the ability to throw their spears as a projectile weapon, and last stand is not finished but will be similar to fend.

Center column is the charge-up skills and work with both spear/javs in melee, they sound cooler than they are, as dragonicsoul is a tigerstrike clone, and piranhicfrenzy is a cobrastriek clone, though shamanicdream while being a clone of pheonixstrike, will have different charge-ups and be fire/pois/ltng.

Right column is jav throwing skills. Skylance is a lightning bolt clone, but slightly better.
Ricochet will allow the javazon to hit multiple monsters by bouncing to different targets like a strange chain lightning, fungal bloom is a poison skill that’s still in the works, and the almighty multishot is now for Javelins.

Code: Select all

Magic&Passive Tab

BlessedAim                                      XXX
   |                            Endurance         |
Sidestep                    Herbalism          |
   |                              |                   XXX
Silhouette                  XXX                  |
Penetrate                                        Valkyrie

Quick Info:
Left column contains aura skills, this will force amazons to choose from one of four very good skills. BlessedAim increases AR and grants critical strike, Sidestep grants dodge and avoid and more, silhouette is an interesting new skill, the easiest way to explain it is everytime you attack with a missile (arrow/jav/spell) this aura attacks with a grenade attack also. Penetrate adds piercing among other things. Which aura will your amazon want to use the most? Remember you can now grant your friends these same abilities ;)

Center column starts showing the gaps not yet figured out, endurance is a combination of increased stamina/increased spd that barbs have in vanilla. Herbalism gives amazons bonuses to drinking potions (heals more, lasts longer) and grants a small bonus to poison skills.

Right column is almost non-existance except for the all familiar Valkyrie, which may not seem like much but summons aren’t exactly common in this mod, and this is one of the stronger ones.[/code]
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Post by DreamBreaker » Wed Mar 23, 2005 8:56 pm

All of this looks very cool. :)
some passive skils ideas:
- Perfect body: Get a plain +to stats boost. Maybe dext and/or int. Maybe a little price reduction with some synergie...:lol:
- Hawkeye: maybe a fusion of insight/slow missile skills. with maybe a little -% to max physical resist given by a synergie. The missile slowing could be lvl dependant, too. start to 50%, -1% by level., maxed at 25%.
- War song: a warcry that give party a fixed +to min dmg

"summoning" skills:
- Scouting Hawk : the same as Druid raven, but only one a the same time. A little stronger/faster. Could be great if it could have a big light radius. with a great AC+ dodge synergie, in order to be challenging enough for the ennemies, and so acting like a "mini-doppelzon" :)
- Divine offering: destroy an item to create a grim totem, but instead of making ennemies run, it give you and allies a little HP/mana regen%, and a little curse/poison reduction (Maybe a synergie for herbalism :) ).
I'm just a french fan..

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Re: Amazon skills

Post by mishy23 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 9:31 pm

Some very cool suggestions,
personally I really like divine offering skill, but I thought of a better place for it, so its going to be part of the assassins trap tree, I wanted a healing trap really bad, and thats the first cool idea I heard that would do that.

I think I want a pure passive for the last skill idea, I actually like the
Perfect body idea, sacrifice a skillpoint for extra stats ;)
If I do it it'll probably be a +all-stats type of thing.

Thanks for ideas!

I wanted to update on complete skills (as in completely complete :P)

Arcane arrow - modded version of magic arrow, converts % dmg to fire, and adds +max damage per level, also doesnt use up an arrow to use. New fire graphic for arrows. Mana reduced at higher levels

Instill - new skill, instills arrow with energy increasing its speed, range and impact. Causes knockback like molten boulder (meaning to small and medium sized monsters 50% of the time). Also pierces automatically without needing the piercing skill. Arrow accellerates while travelling. Damage increases very slightly at higher levels.
High AR bonus per level.
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