Skill Clinic Rules - Get a Ticket & Wait in Line

Weekly updated column for helping skill development. Users can't directly post requests but a PM or mail can be sent to Skill-Clinician.

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Skill Clinic Rules - Get a Ticket & Wait in Line

Post by Skill Clinician » Wed Aug 25, 2004 3:54 pm

Hello and welcome to the Skill Clinic !

This forum is a bit special. We are here to offer you a chance
to get yours problems with Skills cleaned up in a quick and
efficient way. Of course, we don't cure small problem like what
is this column in missiles.txt for ? or how to change missile color.
General Modmaking or Multimedia Forums are here for this kind
of problem.

What we cure is those terrible feeling of having a skill idea
and no clue what so ever on how to make it real. Want some spicy
missile effects ? Some strangely interactive aura ? innovative
way to use monsters ? You are at the good place.

Now, how do we work. You have the opportunity to mail me
or PM me and ask me one of your skill related questions. Then,
every week, We'll select a few (roughly 3 or 4) of such questions,
examine it and produce a complete, step by step solution for it,
including working txt files.

As time goes, the quantity and variety of question will provide a good
basis on what we can do with our wonderful 1.10 patch. So as time goes,
before sending a request, feel free to scan over the already given solutions.

Have a nice stay

Skill Clinician
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