File Center Switch

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File Center Switch

Post by onyx » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:24 pm

After close to 3 years of services, the external File Center can no longer be supported by Volf and it has to be closed down. A new File Center, based on the platform of the old one, has been arranged on our current host, Huge Laser. All the information from Volf's File Center has been imported, so all files should be available for download. The URL of our new download database is:

The links on the left menu, the navigation menu on the home page and in all posts in the forum have been modified to point to the new location of the files. If you link to files in your signatures, you need to edit them to point to the new location. Simply replace with

Please, report any broken links or other problems in the new File Center directly to me via private message. Thank you for your attention.
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