Unused Inventory Graphics (v1.09x)

Unused Inventory Graphics (v1.09x)

Description: by Nefarius

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INV2SD - Two Handed Sword

INVAMU - Beta Amulet

INVBAS/INVFSD - Bastard Sword (Identical Graphics)

INVBLA - Blade


INVBONR1 - Bone Pile 1

INVBONR2 - Bone Pile 2

INVBONR3 - Bone Pile 3

INVBONR4 - Bone Pile 4

INVBOT - Boots

INVBPL - Large Mana Potion (Blue Full Rejuvenation Potion)

INVBPS - Small Mana Potion (Blue Rejuvenation Potion)

INVCNDL - Candle

INVD33 - Decoy Dagger (Unused Quest Item)

INVDSS - Diablo’s Soul Stone (Like Mephisto’s Soul Stone, just orange)

INVFANG - Fang (Unused Organ)

INVFARY1 - Gem Pile 1

INVFARY2 - Gem Pile 2

INVFARY3 - Gem Pile 3

INVFARY4 - Gem Pile 4

INVFHP - Full Health Potion (Potion Design from Beta D2)

INVFLAG - Fallen Shaman Flag (Unused Organ)

INVFMP - Full Mana Potion (Potion Design from Beta D2)

INVGL3 - Unused Glaive (Stack)

INVGLA - Unused Glaive (Single)

INVGLD - Gold Pile

INVGLDH - Gold Pile (High)

INVGLDM - Gold Pile (Medium)

INVGMB - Blue Gem

INVGMG - Green Gem

INVGMR - Red Gem

INVGMV - Purple Gem

INVGMW - White Gem

INVGMY - Yellow Gem

INVGRX - Great Axe

INVGSB - Small Blue Gem

INVGSG - Small Green Gem

INVGSR - Small Red Gem

INVGSV - Small Purple Gem

INVGSW - Small White Gem

INVGSY - Small Yellow Gem

INVHORN - Horn (Unused Organ)

INVHPF - Full Health Potion (Not the same as INVFHP, but the same Beta D2

INVHPO - Small Health Potion (Beta D2 Design)


INVJA3 - Javelins (Stack)

INVJAW - Jawbone (Unused Organ)

INVMPF - Full Mana Potion (Beta D2 Design)

INVMPH - Mephisto’s Tower Key (“Black Tower Key”)

INVMPO - Small Mana Potion (Beta D2 Design)

INVNPL - Black Potion (Beta)

INVPBS - Red Potion Small (Beta)

INVPOB - Mana Potion (Beta)

INVPOG - Green Potion (Beta)

INVPOO - Orange Potion (Beta)

INVPOR - Red Potion (Beta)


INVPOTR - Red Elixir

INVPOV - Purple Potion (Beta)

INVPOY - Yellow Potion (Beta)

INVQUIL - Quill (Unused Organ)

INVRIN - Unused Ring

INVRPL - Unused Large HP Potion

INVRPS - Unused Small HP potion

INVSLB - Unused Long Bow

INVSOL - Soul (Unused Organ)

INVSPLE - Spleen (Unused Organ)

INVTA3 - Throwing Axe (Stack)


INVTK3 - Throwing Knife (Stack)


INVWPL - White Potion (Beta)

INVYPL - Yellow Potion (Beta)

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