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You all know the

superuniques, certain monsters that always appear in the same

place and have some special powers. Like Bishibosh, Boneash and

Lord De Seis. To see what monsters are considered superuniques

just have a look through superuniques.txt, if you dont know how to

get that file you need to read the basic mod tutorial 1.

To change what type of monster appears as a superunique you change

the number in column B, called Class. To figure out what number

the monster you want to appear is simply open up monstats.txt,

find your monster, check the Excel line number and subtract 2 from

that number. For example Andariel is in row number 158 so her

monsternumber is 156.

To change what special powers that superunique has, you change the

mod 1, mod 2 and mod 3 columns.

I've made a list of what the mod codes in superuniqes.txt do.

NR.  Does

5      Extra Strong

6      Extra Fast

7      Cursed

8      Magic Resistant

9      Fire Enchanted

17    Lightning Enchanted

18    Cold Enchanted

24    Thief

25    Mana Burn

26    Teleport

27    Spectral Hit

28    Stone Skin

29    Multiple Shots

30    Aura Enchanted

You can choose 3 of these codes and put them into the mod 1-3


The Mingrp Maxgrp columns have to do with how many minions that

superunique monster has, pretty self explanatory.

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