Spawning the Butcher

Spawning the Butcher

Description: by Nefarius [written 2001]

Categories: Tutorials (1.00-1.06x)

(note I didn’t test it on v1.08+ yet it should work thought use this on v1.06 if you don’t want to run at risk of failure)

In this tutorial I will explain to you how to make the butcher like I did in XyRAX.

We will need 4 files





open monstats.txt and go down to the firebeast row (the firebeast is a
unused monster with missing frames, we will only use its row)
remember where the row is and go down to the smiths row or to heps’
row, but its better to do the smith since that’s what I did and I don’t
what it will do with heps’ row even they are the same gfx, copy the
smiths row and paste it above the firebeast row.

Now adjust the stats to whatever you like remember the row number its better you right the number of the firebeasts’ row down.

Open montype.txt and go down to the smiths row (note this goes
like in monstats.txt, so the rows have the same number as in
monstats.txt and the same order)
Copy the entire row in here as well, paste it above the firebeasts’ row
in here exactly like you did in monstats.txt, now change the TOKEN
column entry for this row to BU note also this is case sensitive so
make sure you type BU and not Bu or bU or anything else then BU.

Close montype.txt and monstats.txt and save it

Open superuniques.txt and go to pitspawn fouldogs’ row (that’s
the jail levels boss) change his type column into the column number of
the firebeasts’ row
But –2 so if it would be lets say 160 you would enter 158. set his
abilities to whatever you like set the MinGrp/MaxGrp columns both to 0
you don’t want a whole army of butchers do you! Save your work

Open string.tbl with a tbl editor, and enter the code you gave
the butcher in monstats.txt (in the name column) be careful its case
sensitive! Now enter the name you want it to display at in the game.

Next in string.tbl search for pitspawn fouldog and change that
into the butcher.
If you did every thing right you will now have the butcher in jails, if
you run v1.06 set his NoMap column to 1 in monstats.txt so you will
spot him faster!

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