Creating New Passive Skills (by GuyAskingQuestion)

Creating New Passive Skills (by GuyAskingQuestion)

Description: For this tutorial, I will create a new Paladin passive skill that grants him crushing blow. I will give this skill the simple name

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The following files are required:




Patchstring.tbl, Expansionstring.tbl or String.tbl

Tools required

Tabbed text editor (Excel, D2Excel, Afj)

String table editor (Peer TBL, Enquettar, Afj, Joel's)

First lets create the new skill

For this tutorial, I will create a new Paladin passive skill that
grants him crushing blow. I will give this skill the simple name

Open skills.txt with your chosen
Tabbed Text editor, go down to Iron Skin (column 147), and copy the
entire line. Now paste this line at the bottom of skills.txt, if you
don't put new skills at the bottom of the file you could cause

Change skill,skilldesc and passivestate to Crush or your chosen passive name. Remeber what you put in these cels, your skill entry will be what you use for some item properties, such as oskill. skilldesc will be your entry in skilldesc.txt and passivestate will be your entry in states.txt.

Change the Id to the next highest unused number, and charclass to the name of the character that will use the skill.

Charclass codes

ama -> Amazon

ass -> Assassin

bar -> Barbarian

dru -> Druid

nec -> Necromancer

pal -> Paladin

sor -> Sorceress

Now move along to passivestat1, this contains the benefit your passive shall grant. These abilities come from Properties.txt's stat1
column, so they are different from what you would use when creating
unique items for example. The stat columns are simply refering to itemstatcost.txt,
and some properties such as res-all will require you to use more than
one passive stat. For an all resistance skill you would need to use
each single resist's entry (except for Magic), each passive stat then
would use the same calculation. Like so:

passivestat1 -> poisonresist

passivecalc1 -> dm12

passivestat2 -> fireresist

passivecalc2 -> dm12

passivestat3 -> coldresist

passivecalc3 -> dm12

passivestat4 -> lightresist

passivecalc4 -> dm12

Here I will add item_crushingblow , you can add what your passive grants.

Next to that is passivecalc1,
this is how the bonus is calculated. There are two simple calculations
you can add here; ln12 or dm12, there are more complex ones also which
can be found in skillcalc.txt, and
you can do your own formulas here as well, like modified dm-formulas
(for better diminishing returns effects). you can include all the
pre-done formulas in your own formulas, and add things like:

ln12 + dm34

ln12 means whatever you have in par1, then adds par2 to it every level. Think of Fire Mastery, that adds a set amount at level 1 then adds a set amount every level.

dm12 means that par1 is the initial amount and par2
is the max, the game uses a complex formula to work out the bonus
given. Think of how 1.09 Cold Mastery worked, or how Natural Resist

Here I added ln12, because I wanted that style of skill. I find dm
style skills are more 'one point wonders', which players put minimum
investment into.

Next move along to reqlevel, this determines the level requirment of the skill, for testing purposes I put 1. Next to that is maxlvl
which is the maximum level that skill can go to, I put 30 because thats
how high my characters skills go. You can insert any number you please.

Now zoom along to Param1 thats the par1 I was talking about earlier, here I put 10. In Param1 Description, you don't have to put anything it is just a refrence cel. Next to that is Param2, in which I put 2, which is how much I want my skill to go up in power per level.

So in effect my skill's bonus is like this:

lv 1 10% Crushing Blow

lv 2 12% Crushing Blow

lv 3 14% Crushing Blow

and so on.

If you put dm12 in passivecalc1, make sure your Param2 is higher than Param1,otherwise your skill will get weaker per level.

dm12 style skills will go like this

lv 1 ~10 (using my 10 in param1)

lv 2 18

lv 3 22

lv 4 23

Giving coninously lower bonuses, until you get close to your Param2 value, where you get almost no effect per level added.

Right now were done with skills.txt, save and close it.

Next we'lll do the state

Open States.txt

This is quite simple, just add a new row to the bottom and under state put your skills name, or whatever you put in passivestate. For me this was Crush.

Put a 0 under Eol and your done.

Save and close this file.

Now onto skilldesc.txt

This one usually takes me a while, it's simple but theres alot to remember.

Copy the Ironskin entry and paste it at the bottom of the file.

Rename it to whatever your skill was called, or what you put in skilldesc, I put Crush here.

Skillpage is what page that skill
will go on, look at other skills for the character you are using. I am
putting Crush on the Paladins combat skills page, so I put 1 here.
Which is the same as Zeal, which is on that skill page.

Skillrow is how far 'down' the tree
the skill is, I am making my Crush skill a level 1 skill, so therefor I
want it to be in the position of a level 1 skill. I put 1 here.

Skill Page Value, Skill Lv Requirment







Next is Skillcolumn, this
puts the skill either on the right (1), center (2) or left (3) on the
tree. I put 2 because there is no other Paladin skill in this place.

ListRow is not important for passives as you cannot select them.

IconCel is the number of the
graphic you want to use fo that skill, for now it is best to use one
from another skill of that character. You can add your own using a DC6
editor, but that would be adding too much to this tutorial.

Str name, Str short, str long and str alt

are the skills written descriptions. Copy the last skills (Royal Strike
if unmodded) entries and add 1 to the numbers. Remember these as you'll
need them to add to your string table.

Move along to decline1, this
is where the game tells you the effect that skill grants. Iron skin has
quite a complex method of describing itself, so we'll change that so it
is easier to add your own description.

Put 2 in descline5, this is how the game reads the next part.

desctextb1 Can be used to add a %
after the skill, or not. If you want a %, like I do for crushing blow
add StrSkill23 here. If not add a placeholder entry, which you must add
to the stringtables, for example add nosign! here; the exclamation mark
is their just incase Blizzard have nosign in the string tables, and you
might get some description you don't want.

Remember your placeholder, if you used one.

Desctexta1, tells the game what to display, for example Zeal has StrSkill30 in one of it's entries, these makes the game display 'Attack rating' or 'Bonus to attack rating'

You can look for a skill description with the same bonus your
looking for, but I usually make my entry here up. Since I want Crushing
Blow, I will add crush here. Remember what you put here as you'll need
to add it to the string table.

Desccalca1, should be what you put in Passivecalc1, in skills.txt. Usually either ln12 or dm12.

Once your done save and close this file.

String Edits

Now its time to add the skill entries. Open up your table file and add the following.

Str name -> Your skills name (Crush)

Str short -> A short description of what it does (Adds crushing blow)

str long -> A longer description of what it does (Blah blah blah, yakety smackety)

str alt -> Your skills name (Crush)

nosign! (or your placeholder) -> Put absolutely nothing here

your desctecta1 entry (crush) -> What is does, with a space afterwards, (Crush )

There you go, now you should be able to add as many passive skills
as you wish. But remember every character must have the same number of
skills, otherwise only the character with the most will be usable.

For further discussion and corrections please use the designated thread.

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