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Dungeon Crawl

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Well, I have MANY ideas for mods... Heh. I
was gonna start working on a 'Warhammer' mod, but I decided to trash
that in lieu of another idea... It has no real theme(for items and
monsters) and will probably just be adding new stuff for the Heck of

Here's my current idea...

It's simply titled 'Dungeon Crawl' or, should it be 'Diablo 2: Dungeon
Crawl'? Most likely a Title in Progress... but who knows.

Basically, in the entire game, there are NO above ground areas(save
approximately 6 or 7). It's all caves, temples, lava rivers, ice
caverns, and a4 generic(the ouside part... not very underground-ish,
but basically it's like an underground, giant cavern, with a 'pillar'
in the middle... you are on the pillar. Anyways, that's what my idea
is, and this is how I currently have it set. I also have a temporary
story(not much of one, though! )

Here are my notes, let me know if it sounds resonable to do(I never did
any map editing, but heck, if it takes me a while to make this... then
so be it!)

The way I wrote my notes is...

What the area will look like(location, ground type) and until when.

What I mean by 'until when' is that approximately when you would normally arrive at that area/quest mark.

Alternate sections refer to sub-caves, like what 'The Hole' and 'The
Pit' are in act 1. Means you don't have to go there, not required for
quest(though perhaps some big baddie(s) and good treasure(s) may abound
in these areas!)


-Every Area is a dungeon... like in Diablo 1.

Act 1

-Begin 'above ground'.... no merchants. Small area, no monsters, just 1 way down, a1 cave entrance.

-Caves(2 floors) till Encampment(Catacombs)

-Caves again till 'outer cloister'

-Catacombs. Alternate sections = caves

-Andariel's chamber = A3 Cave

Act 2

-Start above ground... a2 temple entrance.

-down 2 floors to merchants.

-a2 Sewers till 'after staff'


-Arcane Sanctuary

-underground temple(canyon)

-Duriel's chamber = A3 Temple

Act 3

-Start above ground... a3 temple entrance

-down 2 floors to merchants.

-a3 sewers till 'flayer'

-caves till 'kurast'


-hell river

-Mephisto's Chamber = current type, more of those rivers(alot)

Act 4

-start above ground... a3 cave entrance

-down 2 floors to merchants(a1 cave)

-A1 cave till 'river'

-A4 ground till 'diablo'

-A5 temple till 'seal bosses x2'

-Seal Boss(last) + Diablo's Chamber = Castle + Hell river

(into castle[left], do seal boss, exit castle[right] and Diablo on River.

Act 5

-Start in River(same map as Diablo's Chamber, but no stairs up[destroyed]

-down 2 floors till town(a4 ground)

-in town, an entrance going UP!

-a4 ground till 'shenk'

-a3 temple till 'anya'

-a2 temple till 'nihl'

-Nihlathak's place is the usual...

-a5 temple till 'ancients'

-Snow ground! Climb mountain real fast(long(and I mean LONG!!!!!! You
are climbing a mountain!) area, to a Red Portal[takes you to Ancients

-Ancients KILL! Entrance to Worldstone?

-Worldstone Keep = nihl temple ground

-Worldstone Chamber = river

-Worldstone Last? = A5 Temple(new look)

To clear things up... The Seal Bosses in A4. I will try and make 2 of
the Seals in one area, then you must go deeper to another area, where
Diablo's Sanctum is located, with the final seal boss. Then, you go to
the right, out another 'front door' to the section of river with
diablo(maybe looks like a 'Hephasto' area)

That's right, people! You begin every act above ground, a small,
pointless area... with just 1 option... to go down! Starting 2 floors
above the merchant level, means you will have to explore before being
able to buy/sell stuff. There will be no waypoint on the first 2
levels... consider it a test of somesort . This will be especially
noticeable in Hell!(all areas size increased greatly)

There will be NO town portals in the mod(it's supposed to be a dungeon
crawl!) Well.. none will be sold or dropped... but I guess it leaves
only 1 option.. make them!! They will be expensive to make! And only 1
may be carried at a time!

I got my idea from playing an OLD game, called Dungeon Crawl created by
Linley Henzell. I love this game, even though it's graphically
deficient! It's fun, and gave me good ideas like...

-No Town Portal!(somewhat)

-Specific runes can be collected ONCE, in different areas. Guarded
by big bosses, and trigger like a quest(so you only get the rune
once(will look into this))

Anyways, that's my mishmash of ideas. It is 2 am, must now get to bed. Good night!

Feel free to discuss this concept in the designated thread.

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