Making a Group Item Modifier (by reiyo_oki)

Making a Group Item Modifier (by reiyo_oki)

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This is pretty basic property editing, but also needs some knowledge of itemstatcost and TBL files.

I edited this to make the string bit more precise

I'll use the property I created as an example:

Dual Leech:

Open up properties.txt and create a new row at the bottom

for the Name column, put dual-leech

for completed put 1

leave set1 and val1 blank

put 1 in func1

put lifedrainmindam in prop1

put 3 in func2

put manadrainmindam in prop2

put 0 in *eol

save the file

Now open up itemstatcost and go down to the rows for lifedrainmindam and manadrainmindam (they should be close together)

Go all the way to the end of the row and put a 3 in dgrp

in dgrpval, and dgrpfunc put whatever is in descval (for dgrpfunc I used 19)

in dgrpstrpos and dgrpstrneg put dual-leech

now save and open up patchstring.tbl

create a new string with the name dual-leech (or whatever you used
instead) and put the text for the property there. If you used dgrpfunc
19, you will need to put something like:

%d%% life and mana stolen per hit

Now all you need to do is create a magic prefix/suffix using this
property, but I'll leave that as an excercise to the reader

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