Extending the Limit of 3 Automods (by Kingpin)

Extending the Limit of 3 Automods (by Kingpin)

Description: Useful workaround of the usual 3 automod limit per base item.

Categories: Tutorials (1.1x) - Item Mechanics

How does this works?

Open up properities.txt

At the first blank row add the following names in code column (this will give us 3 rows that we will add our abilities to).




Each group of modifier will contains up to seven modifiers. All
will use function 1 and the stat name (that are referred from

An example if we want to add armor class stat.


func1: 1

stat1: armor class

Repeat this up to func7 if you want to use seven abilities. This will
work the same with the other two properties, max_mod2 and 3. Totally
this will allow up to 21 modifiers.

Now, save this when you have added so many modifiers you want and open up automagic.txt.

At the first empty row create a new automod (if you don't know how this
works, go back and read the tutorials/file guides that exist on this

Here we add our new modifiers, depended of how many modifiers you want
to add you either fill the first row or follow with so many you needs.

mod1code: max_mod1 (our new modifier we created in properities.txt)

mod1param: 0

mod1min: 20 (the minimum value all the modifiers in our new max_mod1 will have)

mod1max: 30 (the maximum value all the modifiers in our new max_mod1 will have)

When we are done here, and you just save and add your new automagic to
your item. Now you have the possibilities to add more than 3 automods
to an item.

This technique works also for setitems.txt & uniqueitems.txt, this will allow to have in unique items 84 modifiers!! :)

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