Spawning the Butcher

Spawning the Butcher

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This will explain how to make the butcher appear in act 1 jail lv 2

(This is based of Nefarius's Butcher guide but this will work for 1.09)

Thx to Nefarius

You will need





Open monstats.txt and search for firebeast (or any
other row that is unused that you don’t want to use for something
else). Write down the row number (if u can’t remember it). Then search
for Smith to find the Smiths row, copy the Smiths row and paste it on
top of the firebeast row (or whatever unused row you want, It's your
choice) You can now change the namco column to what u desire but
remember what you changed it too.

Then go along the row and change the stats to your desire.

(This can be changed later)

Open montype.txt and search Smith again to find the
Smiths row, Copy the row paste it on top of the firebeasts( or whatever
one u chose the first time).
Then change the token column entry for this row to BU (must be caps).

Save both txt files then close them.

Open superuniques.txt and go to pitspawn fouldogs
row change his type column To match the column number of the firebeast
row, but -1 so if u used your firebeast row then it would be 230. Then
edit the skills and other stuff. (take a look at Phrozen Heart's
SUPERUNQUES.TXT file guide if unsure about this)

Open string.tbl with a tbl editor, and search
exactly what u put in the namco column in the monstats.txt (another
case sensitive). Then enter the name you wanthim to show up as when
playing the game

Next in string.tbl search for pitspawn fouldog and
change that into The Butcher (Nefaris had this in his old tutorial not
sure if its still need or what)

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