Create a Waypoint to the Cow Level

Create a Waypoint to the Cow Level

Description: by Nefarius

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In this tutorial we will move the Cold Plain way point to the Cow Level.
First, we need to open levels.txt in a spreadsheet program like excel or staroffice spreadsheet.
Next you need to scroll over to Column #EY (Waypoint) Go down into row#5. This column stands for the Cold Plain.
Remember the entry here was '1'. Change this entry from 1 to 255.
Next scroll down to row#41 'The Moo Moo Farm', here you will see the entry is set to 255.
Change it from 255 to 1 and walla! You just switched the way point to lead to the cow Level.

*Note, the way point will stay in coldplains as
this is a matter of map generation, but its destination will lead to
the cow level. *This means that the player must have the waypoint enabled! Since the waypoint will not show up in the cow level!
*To fix this you would need extensive map editing, to force spawn a way point in the cow level,
*im currently working on something similar, so i might update this if i have success.

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