Making Super Uniques Drop Specific Items

Making Super Uniques Drop Specific Items

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Things you will need:


Excel (or equivalent)


CLEAN patch_d2.mpq




(Depending on what item you want him to drop, select one or more
of the following files...)

Armor.txt -basic armor, magic armor, rare armor

Weapons.txt -basic weapons, magic weapons, rare weapons

Setitems.txt -set items

Uniqueitems.txt -unique items

1. Open MPQview, and make sure you open the data file first (Downloadable
in Tools of the Trade at Phrozen Keep) then select open archive.
Search in your diablo 2 directory and select the CLEAN patch_d2.mpq,
and open it (usually located in C:\program files\diablo II\).
There is an awesome little tool called filter; select the .txt
from the dropdown list. Then save all the .txt files specified
above to your own d2mod folder.

2. Open Excel and open the treasureclassex.txt in your d2mod
folder first (make sure the Files of Type dropdown menu is on
Text Files, or else you wont be able to see them). In the treasureclassex.txt
go to the very bottom row (row 775). Create a new row at the
bottom and name the Treasure Class column (column A) the super-unique
monster's name (i.e. Corpsefire).

3. Then in the Picks column (column B) type the number of
items you want him to drop in negative form (i.e. I want him
to drop 4 items so I enter -4).

4. The next rows go in this order: Unique, Set, Rare, Magic
(Columns C-F); type 1024 in the column of quality you want the
monster to drop. If you want the monster to drop normal items
don't type anything.

5. In the NoDrop column (column G) type 0. Save the file.

6. Open the item file in excel (i.e. armor.txt, setitems.txt)
look up the Item(s) you want him to drop in the name column (column
A) (Hint: 'Find' is useful). For set items look for
the entire set name in name column (column A) and scroll to the
right to get the item names. Make sure when writing the items
down that you copy them down EXACTLY (Note: some items are misspelled).
Also write down the items level found in Level column (column

7. Open treasureclassex.txt and go to the bottom entry you
made and scroll over to the Item1 column (column H) and type
the first items name, and in the next column, Prob1 (column I)
type 1. Repeat down the line until all items are entered typing
1 after each one. Make sure you type 0 in the last column named
Term (column AG). Save the file.

8. Open superuniques.txt and look for the monsters name in
the Name column (column A) (Hint: Find is useful). In the TC
column (column K) enter the monsters name (The name we made in
step 2). Save the file.

9. Open monstats.txt and look for the super-unique monster's
class in the Class column (column A) (i.e. Corpsefire is a Zombie
so look for Zombie). Scroll over to the Level column (column
V) make sure the level is at least equal to the highest level
of one of your items. If not change it so it is.

10. Now we need to make the install files. Open notepad and

O Patch_d2.mpq

a treasureclassex.txt data\global\excel\treasureclassex.txt

a treasureclassex.bin data\global\excel\treasureclassex.bin

a superuniques.txt data\global\excel\superuniques.txt

a superuniques.bin data\global\excel\superuniques.bin

a monstats.txt data\global\excel\monstats.txt

a monstats.bin data\global\excel\monstats.bin

C patch_d2.mpq

Then save it as install.txt

11. Open a new notepad and type:

mpq2k s install.txt

Then save it as install.bat.

12. Now add the install files we made into your d2mod folder
also containing your new treasureclassex.txt, new superuniques.txt,
CLEAN patch_d2.mpq, and MPQ2k program.

13. Run the install.bat file.

14. Copy the patch_d2.mpq file from you d2mod folder to you
diablo 2 directory (i.e. C:\program files\diablo II\). Make sure
you make a backup of your CLEAN patch_d2.mpq.

15. You need to create this directory on your hard disk for
the .bin files 'C:\Program Files\Diablo II\data\global\excel\'

16. Click on the start button in the bottom left hand corner
of your screen and select Run. Browse your hard disk to find
the file game.exe in your diablo 2 directory. Click open and
then add '-direct -txt' to the end of the filename
outside the quotations (i.e. 'C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Game.exe'
-direct -txt)

17. Press OK to run the game; open a character; save the character;
close the game.

18. Open the directory 'C:\Program Files\Diablo II\data\global\excel\'.
Copy the treasureclassex.bin, superuniques.bin, and monstats.bin
into you d2mod folder.

19. Run the install.bat file.

20. Copy the patch_d2.mpq file from you d2mod folder to you
diablo 2 directory (i.e. C:\program files\diablo II\).

21. Run the game normally. Kill the super-unique monster and
test if he drops the items (he should).

Credit & Thanks to: Apocalypse Demon & Zhoulomcrist.

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