[01-08] August, 2001

[01-08] August, 2001

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August 29th Fusman

Uploaded the latest CV browser, version 5.2. It can now view dcc, dt1 and dc6

Also uploaded the source codes for 2 of the most popular character editors,
Jamella and the old John Doe. The source code for Jamella is from version 3.0
and is in pdf format. The source code for John Doe is from who knows when and is
a bunch of cpp files.

I also uploaded the txt files from the 1.09 patch in a zip file for those
that want to use the direct method and not bother with mpq2k and such. The txt
files that are not in the patch file I got from d2exp.mpq so you got all of
them.  All of this stuff can be found in the tools of
the trade

And finally I added a new screenshot of an
unfinished monster that is in the d2exp.mpq file, quite funny to see this Lego

August 28th Phrozen

Majorly updated my Magic Code Master List to v1.34 (thanks to Ryan Sireno and Derek for their contributions) which is still available from the resources section.

August 28th Phrozen

Uploaded a brand new mod by Feces Faerie (author of the classic Kagero mod) called Nezeramontias v1.1 for LoD v1.09 which looks pretty impressive from the readme file. Check it out in our Visitor Mod Archive!

August 26th Phrozen

Finally got round to adding the v1.09 patch download to the patches section.

Rana Loreus emailed me recently about the current status of our hosted site The Forge (which incidently is where I first learnt the mod making basics). The Forge now has a brand new look even if it is still somewhat under construction. Check out Foxbat's new Diablo 2 Accelerator utility which works the same as the Lag Reduce Mod, except this time it is an utility that allows the user to set configurations base on their system settings.

August 24th Phrozen

Updated the Magic Code Master List to v1.18 which is available by clicking here or through our resources section.

Added a quick little plugin by myself that increases the level cap from L99 to L250 using the same level to experience ratio as Blizzard. It's available from the plugins section.

August 22nd Phrozen

Thanks to will_hunter for sending me the fully inclusive data file for use with MPQ View which now includes all of the files you'll need. I've added it to the MPQ View zip file if anyone wants it which is available in the tools of the trade section.

Teknokyo has just released a new version of his Ancestral Recall mod which now works with LoD v1.09. Check it out at Tekno's D2 Mods.

Added a new horadric cube recipe plugin by Brian Doane which allows you make create unique items in the v1.09 version of the game. Take a look in the plugins section to find it.

August 20th Phrozen

Looks like the new v1.09 patch is out, so mod makers better get busy seeing what does and doesn't still work in their mods. I'll add the file to the patches section when I get time.

I've re-uploaded a new HTML format version of my Magic Code Master List to the resources section in place of the old Excel version which was kindly converted by Kathras.

Thanks to Bolty of the excellent D2 site Lurker Lounge for plugging Mordini's interview with Blizzard's Bill Roper, much appreciated :-)

August 18th Phrozen

Hey people, well I'm back from my vacation and begrudgingly back to work :-)

It appears that there's been somewhat of a problem with Fileplanet and the additional file mirrors they've put in place. From the various emails I've received on the subject include one extremely cryptic one from FP themselves, the problem is that once the Keep staff upload
the files, they aren't actually mirrored across correctly for several days which has resulted in a vast amount of 404 errors. Thankfully,
the Acolyte (site director of Planet Diablo) has deciphered FP's email and hopefully this problem will be resolved very shortly.

Not sure how much anyone is going to see of me for a few more days while I try and catch up on the immense back up of emails so if you mailed me in the last week, please be patient and I'l try and reply to everyone.

Buried amongst the emails I've received was one from a good friend of mine Mordini and it included an interview he did for me with Bill Roper of Blizzard Entertainment which is available for viewing in the interviews section

Welcome aboard Sir General to our collective of mod sites! You can check out his great Rune mod by clicking here. He's actually been with us for about a week but I forgot to let the other guys know before I went on vacation :-)

Updated my Magic Code Master List to v1.17 which now includes two more missing magic codes. Check it out in the resources section.

Teknokyo's hosted site has just released a new new mod called Ancestral Recall for LoD with tonnes of great new features. Check it out at Tekno's D2 Mods!

Revamped the links section somewhat even though it is still majorly under re-construction.

By the way, out of interest, does anyone on USEast happen to have any reasonable one handed weapons spare that could be donated towards the 'Save the starving L19 Druid Who Keeps Getting His Butt Kicked by regular act 2 monsters' foundation? ;-P

August 16th Jeff

Isilweo's long-awaited Level editor has arrived click
to download it. I haven't added a link to it in Tools of the Trade yet, but that will happen eventually.

August 12th Jeff

Just uploaded a new version of Jaime Wolf's runeword plug-in, which fixes some bugs. However, because of some technical issues, the updated version may or may not actually be mirrored to the Fileplanet download sites until the 13th...if you download it, make sure the .zip file's properties show an Aug. 11 creation date. The link is in the plug-ins section.

August 11th Fusman

Just a short update today, uploaded Jamella beta 9a to the tools
of the trade

August 8th Phrozen

Added an interesting new interview that I did with mod gurus Varaya and Khan to the interviews section of the site. Check it out by clicking here

I've started a new mini-project that I think might be of great interest to mod makers. Last week
I received an email from a friend of mine Mordini stating that the list of magical modifier codes
for D2 v1.08+ in our resources section was seriously incomplete so I
took it upon myself to compile a comprehensive list of all the codes. The original list only 97 codes
(I think) but the new one already contains 150+. It's available in Excel workbook format only at the moment and you can download it from our resources section.

Well people, this is my last update for a week or so as I'm going vacation but I'm sure the other guys have the Keep well in hand so
stay tuned. If anyone has any site related problems/issues you can contact either Fusman or Jeff and for any forum related matters, as always you should contact Iowan. If you have any mod making questions or suggestions, please post them in the Phrozen Forums and I'm sure a helpful member of the Keep community will be able to assist.

August 7th iowan

Check out Sir_Generals Rune Mod website here

the mod comes with an installer , its all about runes and really has to much to mention here.but the website
is very well done , so have a look at Sir_Generals place :-)

August 6th

Uploaded the 8play mod for Lord of Destruction 1.08, you can find it in the staff
mod archive
. It's in -direct format just like the one for 1.06 and has an
optional 10x10 stash. Now you can all stop emailing me about not having the mod
out yet :-)

August 6th Phrozen

The beta version of my Soul Survivor mod has been out in the forums for a few days but I've just
added it to the staff mod archive along with Fusman's latest release :-)

Also added in a LoD plugin by Captain Howdy which now re-activates all 22+ Rune Words.

August 4th Phrozen

As last night's update was a bit rushed, I thought I'd make time to make another one today.

Uploaded two xpack mods by Threshold entitled Apocalypse (which is apparently the early stages of a TC) and EGP (Enhanced Gameplay) which are both available from
the Visitor mod archive.

The Phrozen Forums seem to be thriving with all of the new xpack modding that's going on. As I'm writing this, we already have nearly a thousand forum members which isn't bad for a site that started out wondering if it'd get any hits at all :-)
Go check out the forums by clicking here!

Finally got round to archiving the news from july which can still be found by visiting our old news archive.

August 3rd Phrozen

Just a quick update from me today I'm afraid, I'll try and get more up over the weekend.

Added the latest version of Wraith's Uber Kit to the Visitor mod archive which is now much smaller in d/l size and includes it's own installer utility.

August 2nd Fusman

You guys might have seen this already but if not, there is a FAQ
on magic find up at the Arreat summit. Good info if you plan on modding those
affixes, even if you dont it's still a good read. Also an interesting post by
Lanthanide in the V&K forum about upcoming changes in cubemain.txt in 1.09,
check it here.

August 1st Phrozen

Yet another new plugin for LoD, this one was sent in by Jaime Wolf. The one re-activates all of the Rune Words that were removed in the first LoD patch. Click here to check it out!

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