[00-12] December, 2000

[00-12] December, 2000

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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December 30th Phrozen

Finally removed the translator system from the Keep due to
numerous complaints from foreign visitors (mainly German) that
the converted text made no sense whatsoever. Oh well, can't be
helped I guess, atleast I tried :-(

Gave some parts of the Keep a bit of a tidy up and flushed a lot
of the older news from this page in order to improve loading

December 30th Iowan

Just got the new unique item editor send to me by Klay and it
works with Patch 1.04 so i guess this is the first editor that
works with 1.04 . many thanks Klay !! (its in modmaking - tools
of the trade).

Uploaded an improved version of the Jamella editor , it got some
bugfixes and works with item files from patch 1.03 and even with
item files from JD's editor so get it !!  :) its in
modmaking - tools of the trade.

December 29th Fusman

Updated the pre-built stash kit for modmakers. Now the stash,
cube and character inventory are a lot bigger. See the
modmaking/pre-built  for more..

Put a tutorial on organ dropping by Jeff Bouley in the tutorial

December 28th Iowan

Uploaded Jamella's character editor to modmaking-tools of trade
section , this editor works with patch 1.04.

December 25th Phrozen

Merry Christmas Everyone!

December 24th Fusman

Updated the 8play mod to work with patch 1.04. Added 2 different
editions of the mod. Hope you  guys enjoy them.

Merry Christmas.

December 23rd Phrozen

Added a translator system to the front page courtesy of go.com
which means the Keep is now available in English, French,
Spanish, German, Italian and Portugese. No online translator
that I've seen is perfect but atleast it helps our foreign
visitors a little.

Still haven't had much time for the forums lately but Iowan,
Fusman and the rest of you people seem to keeping it pretty busy
so I'll get back there as soon as time allows.

December 23rd Iowan

Uploaded Patch 1.04B to the modmaking section this should take
care of problems with some cd-drives and crashes with video
tester on win NT and 2000 (thanks Klay ).

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